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How Prepaid Cellular Phone Bill Payments Service Recharge Works - Merchant Retailers are Extremely Pleased with the Outcome

How Prepaid Cellular Phone Bill Payments Service Recharge Works - Merchant Retailers are Extremely Pleased with the Outcome

We believe and understand prepaid wireless an how to build and manage a successful POSA cellular phone program too provides products to the under banked through convenience stores, bodegas and community markets that maximizes sales and profits to merchant retailer business owners. We know the carrier an their programs an understand the economics of the distribution chain, with prepaid direct wireless your customers quickly an easily top-up their prepaid account from prepaid wireless phone airtime to international top-up, cellular phone activation to prepaid long distance, at your store locations. The convenience of this electronic transaction is unparalleled. The prepaid service offers pay-as-you-go options via a point-of-sale terminal/counter top or virtual terminal/computer at your business counter, This service allow retailers to recharge or top-up a customers prepaid wireless phone on-line in a matter of seconds, without the risks an issues associated with stocking scratch cards. This dynamic service was created in response to the growing demand for prepaid services across the US.

Please realize all types of convenience stores have long been the biggest outlet for long distance sales, This is inevitable, there about a change right before your eyes, total dollar sales of prepaid wireless in convenience stores have eclipse that of prepaid long distance products. Many of the of the individual merchant we serve already have the experience.

Prepaid Direct Wireless POSA bill payment solution is ideal for convenience stores. Our convenience stores, the convenience store terminal system is fast an reliable, 24 x 7. And never out of stock, An, most importantly, we have what the convenience store customers are demanding, prepaid wireless from the carrier of their choice.

The keyword in maximizing the sale of prepaid cellular phone product is convenience. This is how the prepaid cellular phone user thinks, when he or she is about to run out of minutes, your customer looks to the closest, most convenient location to refresh their account. They know there is no difference between a AT&T $15 RTR-Real Time Replenishment/PIN sold at one store versus another. They need too pay there bill an they need to pay it now!. The reality is that if you offer it, You will sell it, an you will sell it in large numbers once your customers discover you carry prepaid wireless.

Merchant retail owners have the opportunity to sell products with average unit sale almost $30 per sale, without investing in inventory an with a control system that virtually eliminates shrinkage, free marketing materials, an superb full customer service support, along with you great store location have brand recognition in identifying your store with all the cellular companies, of course, increased revenues! This service of prepaid telecom is definitely a source of additional gross profit dollars for your organization, Just look around you an everybody is a user of cell phones.

Benefits to Merchants

* Generate high income on each high-speed transaction-no upfront costs
*Choice of prepaid programs to meet merchant need
* Aggressive commission programs
* Pay only for what you sell
* Eliminate stock shortages for specific scratch cards
*Encourage routine consumer visits-repeat foot traffic
* Attract new customer with added convenience
* Promote other consumer purchases at the POS and in the store
* A store/station that Eliminates Theft - The display no value
* A store/station that Reduces Display Space - There is no need for card with multiple dollar denomination
* A store/station that increase customer loyalty an Encourages Repeat Business
* A store/station that Easily Add Products - When new products become available, they can be added with a simple program download or provides products to the under banked to merchant retailer through product direct from manufacturing
* To provide ease of use front end services, Sell Now, Pay Later - You only pay for what you actually sell. You never have to buy an inventory, Don't incur any costs on prepaid wireless products until after they are sold an you have collected the money
* Wider variety of products.
* Eliminates running out of product inventory
* Provides real-time sales data
* Provides tracking of all sales data at all levels of business
* Provides daily reports via terminal processing unit
* Eliminates card production an delivery costs
* Significant new Revenue Source
* Full Customer Service Support

The purchased product is delivered in real time via the POS Terminal from the carriers secure server. A printed receipt enable the service activation. Since the bill payments is real time, is single use an doesn't need to be inventoried by the retailer, it couldn't be more user friendly an cost effective. Easy.

Merchant owners have the largest movement in the telecommunication industry in over a decade an will become recognized as an official prepaid cellular station.

You will be able to make payments to Boost Mobile, Cricket Wireless, MetroPCS, AT&T, Verizon, Page Plus, TracPhone, Simple Mobile, Net 10, H2O Wireless, LycaMobile, T-Mobile, plus many more, major or small cellular carriers in your area and international top-ups, for your walk-in customers. Plus, you get the BEST DISCOUNTS IN THE INDUSTRY, Other companies care about their bottom line. We CARE about YOURS.

Prepaid Direct Wireless supplies urgent care products through its direct wholesale marketplace to combat corona virus pandemic

The group has procured hand sanitizers, surgical masks, gloves and other essential goods to supply thousands of stores nationwide

Marketplace network, which provides products to the under banked through convenience stores, bodegas and community markets, has been integrated with prepaid wireless cellular phone bill payments. Merchant retailer are also able to leverage the combined buying power of the two platforms, including our wireless products.

Prepaid Direct Wireless Marketplace, a product sales channel that disrupts the traditional c-store supply chain model by providing independent and local retailers direct access to regional manufacturers from around the country. Prepaid Direct Wireless leverages (value driven prepaid wireless and fintech products) to build relationships with convenience stores, bodegas, tiendas and community markets that serve the underbanked and UN-banked - approximately 35% of the US population. Once a store is on-boarded to the Prepaid Direct Wireless Marketplace, and the trusted profit partnership is established, Prepaid Direct Wireless up-sells other consumable goods by connecting manufacturers directly to these retail stores. The Prepaid Direct Wireless Marketplace provides manufacturers measurable cost savings by cutting out distributors and offers an efficient platform to access independent retailers to sell products nationwide with improved payment terms.

Merchant Retailers Builds New Revenue Streams

Interested in becoming a bill payment provider for all the major wireless carriers - Prepaid Wireless Authorized Retailer?

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Our All-in-one POSA solution will keep you connected with the top prepaid carriers and bill payment processing technologies. Your retail location will be virtually stocked with the bestselling product categories & brands.

If you have any questions feel free to contact customer services Call Today at: 1-877-947-3577 or continue to http://www.prepaiddirectwireless.com

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