Sunday, June 12, 2005

Bill Payment Services & Prepaid Cellular Services. Bridging The Financial Services Digital Divide. The Wave Of The Future For Merchant Retailers!.

Enhanced Customer Service - Closing The Loop
Advanced Bill Payment Services Solution is designed specifically to allow business owner or retailers, to greatly increase their revenue, and provide a valued customer service.
This Bill Payment Services product is rapidly becoming know as the next generation bill payment system within the financial services industry.
In the past, it has been necessary for an "un-banked" or "non-banked" customer to purchase a money order, or multiple money orders, to pay their bills. Nearly one billion money orders are sold annually for this purpose. Retailers were able to sell the money orders, but that's where the customer service typically ended and due to competitive pricing very little revenue was generated for the retailer. After the purchase, a customer would then have to complete each money order, stuff it into an envelope with the bill stub put a stamp on it and then find a post office to mail it. The financial services industry has been working toward closing the loop and improving the speed of this process for many years.
Prepaid Wireless Direct offers merchant retailers the ability to accept a customer's bill payment monies and forward them to the correct biller, any billers. The Merchant Agent Retailer will gain the privilege of seeing that customer again and again, month after month, Again, monthly visits to the retailer become the norm, it becomes a habit!.
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