Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Convenient and Easy Top-Up of Prepaid Cellular Accounts For Consumers, Plus no Inventory Cost for Retailers

Merchant business owners please realize all types of convenience stores have long been the biggest outlet for prepaid long distance sales. This is inevitable, there abouts a change right before your eyes, total dollar sales of prepaid cellular in convenience stores will eclipse that of prepaid long distance products. Many of the individual merchants already have this experience.

The key word in maximizing the sale of prepaid cellular product is convenience. This is how the prepaid cell phone user thinks, when he or she is about to run out of minutes, looks to the closest, most convenient location to refresh their account. They know there is no difference between a Boost $30 PIN sold at one store versus another. They need minutes and they need it now!. The reality is that if you offer it, You will sell it, and you will sell it in large number once your customers discover you carry prepaid cellular.

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