Sunday, March 08, 2009

No cost prepaid wireless cards - cellular service providers for merchant retailers

Prepaid Cellular Cards

No Cards. Never Out Of Stock. No Cash. No Hassles.

Cellular store merchant retailers days of prepaid cellular cards or long distance cards and cash are over. With prepaid cellular card direct link system you get:

  • Electronic direct access to unlimited invortory of prepaid cellular cards - retailers never run out of phone cards.
  • Eliminate the need for retail owners to transport cash.
  • Real time reporting and online sales reports - so retail owners always know what been sold by in store sales clerks.
  • Online access to new products - meaning faster time to market to your walk-in customers.
  • Phone Cards System is safe, secure, and easy to set-up and maintain.

The Wave Of The Future Retail Phone Card System.

Done right, the local convenience store can become the primary source for financial services and prepaid cellular products for needy customers in their neighborhoods.How Prepaid Cell Phones bring repeat business for merchant retailers go to:

Prepaid Cellular Services Store Owners Tips Blog:

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