Thursday, February 17, 2005

Bill Payment & Cellular Phone Service Providers

Bridging the Financial Services Digital Divide
Bill payments is a state of the art electronic bill payment system offering access to accept payments anytime, anywhere and in any fashion to any biller. The consumers love it because it allows them to virtually pay all their bills at Merchant Agent retail location. This will greatly increase retailers revenue, generate more walk-in traffic, attract new business, and provide a value customer service.
Typically, the un-banked individual purchases money orders to make payments remitted by mail. Purchasing one money order for each bill payment is a hassle for the bill payer. Instead of purchasing money orders, with this service he can establish an account at a "Pay All Bills" pay station and return to the location each time a bill is to be paid. Or, once a payer has an account within the system, he can visit any "Pay All Bills" pay station location, anywhere in the country, to make a payment.

The local payment agent offering the service typically charges a modest fee for facilitating the transaction, and payment is then transferred to the creditor. The "Pay All Bills" system utilizes a worldwide network of billers, and the number of billers continues to increase with time. Large and small billers are included in the various networks, and local billers within your area can be added for your customer's convenience. Additionally, the local payment agent can view productivity reports via website.
Bill Payment & Cellular Phone Service Provider