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Attention, All Celluar Phone Retail Stores. Merchant Retailers Goes Upscale Are Your Retail Wireless Store Ready?

Merchant Retailers Goes Upscale Are Your Retail Store Ready?

High-end prepaid smart-phones, retailers stand to gain customers with iphones, ipads, tablets and any big store ticket items, not atttached to the home, such as appliances, furniture, electronics, jewelry, mattresses, tires-rim, remote start-ups, alarm systems, car audio, but first they'll have to step up to offering customers retention store application solutions, that's design to help increase stores sales with big store items. Now that prepaid carriers have all launched iPhones that cost more than $500, it's fair to say that the prepaid mobile world is no longer defined by cheap, throw-away flip phones and transient customer relationships.

In fact, that trend has been building for a while, At this point every prepaid provider has launched Android-based devices in the $300 range. Even TracFone Wireless, which is known for its off-the-shelf, inexpensive phones, has a smart-phone selection.

There's no question that prepaid users are ready for more upscale devices. But to stand out in the crowded market, carriers and merchant retailers are changing the way they do business.

The growth in prepaid smartphones will be attributed to both a shift in existing prepaid customers who are willing to spend more on better devices as well as former postpaid customers who are eager to switch to no-contract plans.

Why would so many postpaid users defect to prepaid? Many users figure if they can get everything on a prepaid plan that they could on postpaid plan, why sign a contract?

It's important to note, however, that much of the growth in prepaid smartphones will come from merchant retailers existing prepaid usser, who are simply willing to pay more for phoness that will play a central role, act as phone, computer and more.

One of the reason your walk-in customers are adopting these phones is that they are replacing their home computers, in their minds, there is no need to have a home computer with monthly internet service charge when for $40 or $50 they can get it all in their handset.

Ask yourself…….
Are you losing customers because some wireless handsets, tablets or other items are too expensive?

How many times do you miss a sale because a customer can’t afford the latest wireless technology?

Could you increase sales and customer counts by offering NO CREDIT CHECK cell phone financing with a 90 Day Payment Option with no liability and no charge backs.

No one should have to leave a store empty handed because of bad credit or the inability to pay upfront. Wireless Direct Finance provides a unique NO CREDIT CHECK financing option tailor-made for both stores and customers.

Offer NO CREDIT CHECK, NO MONEY UP FRONT and 9 Month Financing with an 80% APPROVAL Rate For

Smartphones, Tablets, TVs, Car Audio, Appliances, or more!

Now from your store front offer NO CREDIT CHECK, NO MONEY UP FRONT.

Smartphones, Tablets, TVs, Car Audio, Appliances, or more!

You read right! Offer financing in your store, with no credit check! The prepaid cellular industry is changing. Many major carriers like Virgin, Cricket, etc. are carrying the iphone. Not to mention, all the smartphones and sim based mnvo's on the market! Problem is the prepaid consumer can't afford it! Until now! You can sell your customer say $300 phone and they only make a $13.08 / week payment. "iPhone for $300 or $13.08 each week for 9 months!" OR ANY OTHER BIG ITEMS YOU SELL IN YOUR STORES.

Their is no credit check. Their are qualifications. They have to have a job and a bank account! You are funded in your bank account just as if you had taken a credit card! That's right! 48 hours and the money is in your account! No liabilities, No Chargebacks!

Smartphones, Tablets, TVs, Car Audio, Appliances, or more!. Their is NO cost to you!

The finance program makes it easier for customers to do business with you. Today more stores are turning away customers and losing sales due to bad credit or the customer’s inability to pay upfront. Wireless Direct specializes in offering options to consumers no matter what their credit score is.

Benefits to Your Business:
• Additional financing options
• Increased number of sales
• Repeat customers
• Expanded customer base (35% of U.S. consumers have bad credit)
• Even if a customer has good credit, the 90 day same as cash option gives your store options
• Have the edge over your competition
• Reduce number of layaways

If you would like more information about how our No Credit Check program can work for your store by contacting Today To get started with the wave of the future walk-in store traffic merchant solutions continue too Cellular Store Finance Program Solutions or by call (877) 947-3577

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