Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Attention, All Retailers! Recession Proof Business Ideas with Prepaid Phone Card & Online Bill Payment Service Program

Attention, All Retailers! Recession Proof Business Ideas with Prepaid Phone Card & Online Bill Payment Service Program

Prepaid Phone Card Solutions For Retailers

Merchant retailers walk-in customer will always need a way to save costs & pay household bills. Offer your walk-in customers top up time with no contract or monthly fee. and way to pay all or any biller with the wave of the future walk-in money solutions.

Prepaid cellular phone card services programs are getting very popular these days. Many people now prefer prepaid services since they off a variety of advantages related to lifestyle and cost control that simply are not available through post-paid contract based services.

Prepaid cell phones have a distinct advantage over regular subscriptions. They offer cost control with fixed price, control over costs with cell phone distributed parents, and no credit check.

Online Bill Payment Service Solution Program for Merchant Retailers

There is no longer a need for customers to purchase money orders, then mail, or go to each biller location, customer bill payments is processed electronically in your place of business, no money orders, no stamps, no envelopes, no gas expense, with no loss time taken off from work.

The Pay All Bill Payment Service will provide a competitive advantage for all types of businesses. The Bill Payment Services will attract new customers, along with establishing repeat customers for your business, plus customers will purchase other goods and services while visiting your place to pay all of there household bill payments, we can't emphasize this enough, this bill payment service system will help your businesses in so many other great ways with goods and services you retail presently.

This service is a great traffic builder, encouraging your customers to come back month after month. Getting customers into your stores to pay all there bills is going to become more and more simple, once customers get used to, and know they can pay all billers their, It will become a habit!. Bill Payment Solutions that shares a common vision with you about how your business can win in your market. This will be exciting of your business becoming need-fillers for your customers, the new emerging innovating Bill Payment Service, Cellular Service Providers concept.

Done right, the local convenience store can become the primary source for financial services and prepaid cellular products for needy customers in their neighborhoods.How Prepaid Cell Phones bring repeat business for merchant retailers go to: http://www.prepaiddirectwireless.com/

Prepaid Cellular Services Store Owners Tips Blog: http://billpaymentservice.blogspot.com/

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