Thursday, September 24, 2009

Prepaid Cellular Phone Cards for Merchant Retailers at Great Prices

In many prepaid cellular wireless merchant retail locations, hard phone card inventory of prepaid cellular is being replaced by virtual no inventory cost sale activation technology.

Any ordinary convenience store or large chain store can now perform secure electronic transaction activation point of sale of prepaid cellular phone cards airtime replenishment and at the same time walk-in customers will have cellular carrier of choice needed for there prepaid phones.

The idea is to generate repeat transactions revenues for merchant retail business owner by selling things that produce recurring revenues.

To continue to learn how merchant retail business owners have no inventory costs & put more value into their business for growth, support, technology and innovation that makes merchant retailers have repeat business in the long term with no cost prepaid cellular phone cardspins & online bill payment services continue to. How Prepaid Cell Phones bring repeat business for merchant retailers go to:

As more walk-in customer need prepaid top-up. Merchant retailers methods are evolving to respond to new technologies, If you would like more information on how prepaid cellular electronic recharge solutions can help grow your business, please call Wireless Direct: 1-877-947-3577.

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