Monday, December 17, 2007

Create a Fun and Profitable Holiday Store. Bill Payment Services - Prepaid Services Providers for Merchant Retailers!.

Create a Fun and Profitable Holiday Store

It's hard to believe we have just one weekend left until Christmas. Most shoppers are now in a buying mood but with a little bit of extra effort from the staff you can help the customers complete even more of their shopping list in your store(s).

Here are some suggestions and ideas to ensure a fun and productive week or weekend.

1. Using assumptive language with your customers inevitably leads to more sales. Doing the same with your staff also leads to more sales. When talking about the day or the upcoming weekend use very positive and assumptive language. "We are going to absolutely blow away goal this weekend." "We're going to be slammed." "The buyers will be out this weekend."

2. Whenever possible no backroom work; it's all hands on deck. At this time a year a store can go from library quiet to rock and roll crazy in a matter of seconds.

3. Keep the checkout line move and grooving. Not only should all registers should be open and ringing away but someone should be assigned to engage the people in line. This is very important because people still have time to skip standing in line and go finish their shopping either online or in another store.

This week and weekend offers many opportunities to create additional sales if you're careful to not be just an order taker. One way to do that is to ensure people are selling and suggesting different products and/or product categories.

For example, a wireless store might use the 12 square model and put 3 handsets in the first row, 3 accessories in the second row, different plans or services in the third row, and extended warranties and other additional offerings in the last row.

A women's accessory store might do product categories only. Using the 9 square version the boxes might include handbags, luggage, shoes, sunglasses, earrings, necklaces, etc.

Whatever you do, it has to be easy for the staff to know and remember what they need to sell. Every time a staff member makes the first sale in the box they put their initial. First person to sell something from every box wins. You can also arrange it so everyone wins a prize if they selling something from each box. Or you can do both, where everyone wins but the first person wins something extra. Obviously you'll need to personalize it to your store(s) based on how your staff schedule works, how competitive your team is, etc. This little game is fun and will keep people suggesting additional products.

5. Consider giving out some goodie bags, candy, and other prizes to your staff throughout the weekend. Remember these equations:

Happy employees = Happy customersHappy customers + Happy employees = Lots of salesHappy customers + Happy employees + Lots of sales = Happy you!

Five Final Thoughts

1. "Memorable" shopping experiences can be both good and bad. Make yours great!
2. Do something simple but different this weekend for your customers. Giving out candy canes at the door is always a good one.
3. Throwing a little spare change in the red bucket has got to be good Karma for beating goal.
4. Anyone can make sales this weekend. Good retailers make sure they maximize those transactions by adding on to each sale. I bet if you offer every customer making a purchase the opportunity to buy a gift card or gift certificate you could close 20% of them. That's future sales!
5. Don't lose yourself in the craziness. It's a wonderful time of the year so enjoy it.

Good luck this week and weekend and remember to keep it fun.

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