Friday, August 03, 2012

Attention, All Merchant Retailers!, Financial Services are Significant new Opportunity Focused Servicing of the Unbanked Market

Merchant retail merchants are sitting on a significant new opportunity that adds value to store front foot traffic, focused on servicing the needs of the unbanked market. This population pays their bills, cashes their paychecks and consumes product and services utilizing non-traditional means, and will seek out convenient retail location in which to perform transactions.

Retail store retailers will become banks for the unbanked, where cusumers can pay all any or all bills, recharge prepaid cell phones, and any prepaid products services with easy internet-based store payment solutions system, while walk-customers picking up a loaf of bread or filling their tank. The safe, reliable, FDIC-insured system enable any retailer to fast-track their time to market in this space, utilizing relationships with ANY commercial biller in various industries in order to meet the needs of the unbanked customers.

The experience, expertise and business processes we accumulated can now serve as an extremely valuable launching pad for store retailers interested in winning with this customer returning repeat foot traffic base. The financial services prepaid products will enable retail stores to experience significant sales and gross profit performance also with other in-store good and services. The money solutions will change how your store are used and perceived, and best satisfy the needs of retail store customers, simple as saying, your store will become need fillers.

Store business owners should be aggressively pursuing:

PREPAID CELLULAR WIRLEESS PHONE RECHARGE: This market has exploded in 2012 - driven by youth, minorities and unbanked customers.

WALK-IN BILL PAYMENT: Done regularly by 30% of American households, can now be delivered with a simple computer or Point-of-Sale soution, driving significant new store traffic and revenue for store retailers.

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