Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bill Payment Services for Retailers | Prepaid Cell Phone Systems brings Real ongoing Value to Merchants come with the Solutions

The ability to accept ANY type of in store bill pay request from walk-in customer brings real time repeat store traffic and value-added bill payment services for retailers who see the worth of the solutions itself to its retail business. A new generations of retailers increasingly adding value experiences over stuff, a new generation of retail businesses would rather have valuable service than expendable commodities. Thus, more repeat store traffic by offering added value through solutions services than by selling stuff. Smart retail merchants are catching on quickly. They have understood what walk-in customers actually want, what services and benefits they depend on and how the retail store can provide that. The answer may very well lie in the Value-Add solutions Economy.

When it comes to judging the success of new products, gross profit dollars and sales volume are still the two most important criteria being weighed by retailers.

Bill pay services for retailers with prepaid cellular phones systems is the highest store gross profit dollors product.

The advantage are numerous, no theft issues, no inventory shortages, marketing material, the advantage of brand recognition in identifying your store along with major biller compaines and , of course, increased revenues!

Join the largest movement in the bill pay and telecommunications industry in over a decade and be recognized as an official bill pay prepaid cellular station before your competition does! To apply to increase your store revenues and more repeat store traffic Call: (877)947-3577 or E-mail Today on how to use technology to get the most value for prepaid cellular and bill pay and more.

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