Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bill Payment Services-Prepaid Cellular System. Merchant Retailers Turbo Charging Their Businesses For Road Ahead With Innovating in Demand Concept!

Mobile technology insiders and tech-savvy consumers have been ordering pizza, feeding parking meters and making credit-card payments with a few taps on their keypads since early 2001. In fact, nearly 95 million worldwide cellphone users made purchases via their mobile in 2003, according to a 2004 Telecom Trends International study.

But the wireless world of mobile commerce is making its way into the homes of mainstream moms and the workplaces of average Joes. Telecom Trends projects that by 2008, 2 billion people will be using cellphones to access the Internet for purchases.

"M-commerce is not just e-commerce gone mobile — it's much more — and it will become a serious part of the global economy, worldwide study, told Online Study. "Since people carry their cellphones everywhere, cellphones will eventually start to replace wallets as a place to store credit cards, frequent shopper cards and even family photos."

Cell phone technology is absolutely going to take over, people still don't understand why people text message instead of talking to the person, people will be drawn in by the new technology and grow accustomed to it." People would likely pay a small user fee, similar to 10 or 20 cent text messaging fees, for the convenience.

Credit card companies are working with cell phone and wireless providers to ensure security. In conjunction with 15 cell phone providers, Visa International launched its 3-D Mobile Secure technology in late 2001 to extend payment authentication measures to mobile communications.

Cell phones might replace more than credit and debit cards — they also have the ability to supplant checkbooks, Web sites and computer programs similar to Quicken.

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