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Attention, All Wireless Cellular Stores! The Top Prepaid Cell Phone Plans of 2014-2015 will bring higher better profits Results to your Store Fronts Immeditate Today!

Attention, All Wireless Cellular Stores! The Top Prepaid Cell Phone Plans of 2014-2015 will bring higher better profits Results to your Store Fronts Immediate Today!

These days, everyone in your area needs a good cell phone plan. Having a cell phone or a smartphone, is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Many wireless stores customers consumers opt for a great prepaid cell phone plan because it doesn't tie them to hefty contracts and they are free to move to a different plan or phone whenever they want. However, there are certain prepaid plans that are considered the best, as ranked by Prepaid Direct Wireless. These are the ones you should have your walk-in customers look into if you want your walk-in customer excellent cell phone service at a very low price per month, plus high profits to your business bottom line, with services that works in any city and rurul area Nation-Wide.

Verizon ALLSET $45 Prepaid Smartphone Plan

One of Verizon's most popular prepaid cell phone plans is their Prepaid ALLSET Plan for Smartphones. This plan is $45 per month and provides you with unlimited calling minutes, unlimited text and picture messaging, unlimited text messaging throughout Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico and 500MB of data each month. If you feel you need more than the basic 500MB of data, you are free to add more with Verizon's Bridge Data service, which is good for as long as 90 days. With this prepaid plan, you can choose from a number of smartphones, including Apple iPhones and the new iPhone 6 or the Samsung Galaxy S5

AT&T GoPhone $40 Monthly Plan for Smartphones

AT&T's $45 GoPhone Plan provides you with two different options. You are free to bring your own unlocked GSM smartphone to use or you can purchase a brand new smartphone. The $45 GoPhone plan is one of the most popular, especially if you are not a super heavy user. It provides you with unlimited calling minutes, unlimited text, picture and video messaging throughout the United States, unlimited text messaging to Mexico, Canada and more than 100 additional countries and 500MB of data each month.

Refilling your customers account on a monthly basis is easy and can be done by web based or terminal solutions at your stores. This will create repeat store traffic with the highest profits to your business than any carrier in the US with the best coverage in any City or Town.

T-Mobile Simple Starter Plan

The T-Mobile Simple Starter Plan is probably the most versatile of the top prepaid plans available. There are two options, one that is $40 per month and the other of which is $45. With the cheaper plan, you receive unlimited talk minutes, unlimited texts, including picture messaging, and 500MB of data. For $45, you get unlimited talk and text, including picture messaging, and 2GB of 4G LTE data. Perhaps the best aspect of these plans is that there are never any overage charges if you go over your data allotment. However, with the $45 Simple Starter plan, your data will be suspended if you go over the 2GB. Best of all, you have the option of either buying a brand new phone through T-Mobile or bringing your current phone, even if it is unlocked and from a different GSM carrier.

If your customers are looking to switch to a great prepaid cell phone plan, these three are certainly well worth you considering them. Be sure to thoroughly research all the details on each and to check your coverage before choosing which plan is best for your customers. Of course, your customers are always free to switch to one of the others should they decide to do so. Keep in mind the AT&T and Verizon offer the best services and highest profits too your store front business.

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Our web-based or terminal store solutions will turn your retail store business into a well-oiled, well-equipped machine with endless scalability and optimal efficiency in prepaid cellular and bill payments.

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Attention, All Wireless Cellular Stores! A breakout brand in prepaid wireless communications. We believe your customers really can get more, for less.

A breakout brand in prepaid wireless communications. We believe your customers really can get more, for less.

PLANS STARTING at $9.99mo+Tax 250 minutes of talk time/Unlimited text or $19.99mo+Tax for UNLIMITED TALK/TEXT/WIFI, iPHONES- 4/4s & 5 Plus More! | Now activate your customers sprint devices Here and in your stores!

We’re redefining how consumers receive their wireless phone service at a better value.

We launched around the idea that we wanted to shift the perceptions of prepaid wireless – shake things up. We follow a simple business model: true value delivered straight. Our approach is to deliver customers a low price in a prepaid brand.

As a mobile provider, you can grow your business by tapping into our competitive compensation programs and sales tools. What does our business model look like?

• Upfront activation commission
• Refill compensation
• Recurring revenue
• Residuals
• Handset revenue

Wireless technology is a profitable industry that will continue to experience solid growth trends as technology advances to new heights. When you combine the ongoing expense of contract-based wireless service with the sluggish economy, the rise of unlimited prepaid becomes even more increasingly attractive. Customers are moving away from costly wireless contracts and looking for a wireless plan that offers nationwide coverage with all the same mobile features at a lower price.

$19.99 Unlimited Talk & Text/WIFI is sweeping the Nation!
There are a neglected segment of consumers that are ready for a new player in prepaid wireless. Customers between the ranges of 18–44 years old are seeking more flexible options to connect their mobile devices. Our customers benefit from excellent features that enhance their perpaid cellular phone experience, including the ability to use unlocked phones on our network.

Consumers have come to rely on their wireless devices now more than ever for everyday needs. Our customers are driven and hardworking individuals that are tired of getting nickel and dimed. They’re craving the best value in a prepaid, no surprises network that also offers nationwide coverage.

In 2012 the total prepaid market reached over 72 million subscriber, by 2016, count on seeing over 96 million prepaid wireless subscribers in the U.S

Prepaid revenue hit $25 billion in 2012 and that number will increase to $39 billion by 2016

Learn more about how $19.99 Unlimited Talk & Text/WIFI is sweeping the Nation!

Activate used or New Sprint Devices on Nationwide Sprint Network. Deal directly with the country's premier Authorized Provider and get paid promptly and accurately, because we respect it's YOUR money!.

Activation and payment portal, it will NOT appear on any prepaid terminal system!

If your customer pays their bill online or through another dealer, you will still be compensated for your customer.

Receive instant Retailer location approval for this ground-floor opportunity with powerful network with sales materials.

The Plans
Basic Package
$9.99/mo + tax
250 minutes of talk time
Unlimited texts

Unlimited Talk & Text/WIFI Nationwide Plans
$19.99/mo + tax
Unlimited talk
Unlimited text

Data Options
Unlimited emails
Unlimited webpages
Unlimited Facebook posts with photo upload
Unlimited app/game/song downloads
Unlimited hours of streaming music
Unlimited streaming video
Nation-Wide Coverage

Your wireless, Your customer way.

Here is how we did it. We started with what is most important with wireless… a dependable nationwide network. Were talking about Nationwide Sprint Network, not just local coverage. We listened to your customers…Your customer were tired of being forced to buy large plans of unlimited data to connect there smart phone. We all fell for the "unlimited" supersize plans and we learned more is not always more. So, we offer customizable plans. Now your customer can take control of there phone bill. Supersize there wallet, not there phone bill!

Become a Mobile Authorized Dealer
Want to become a Mobile Authorized Dealer?

Mobile has some of the best compensation plans. We know how tough the market is now! At Mobile we want to ensure your success, if our dealers are not successful neither are we.

For example Mobile offers one (1) mile protection from other Dealers in your area, we also give you the ability to make 90% of your profit on the front end.

Why should you choose
Cause you don’t have time for nonsense and neither do we. Our retailers get expert training and support from a reliable mobile provider. Hit the ground running with fixture plans and POS materials. To ensure a smooth, stress-free beginning, we have created a retail program that helps our independent dealers provide today’s newest prepaid plans.

We went a little above and beyond. Some of the many benefits of our wireless dealer programs include:
• Access to our handset device
• Support from a reliable network
• A highly competitive compensation plan
• 100% dealer distributed
• Aggressive standard comp
• Extensive reach through local and national advertising
• Ad builder program

We support you with a full wireless solution and training program so you can build a strong business with sustainability.

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