Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Attentions, All Retailers!. Merchant Retailers Cellular Phone Payments Solutions Design to Bring Foot Traffic

Merchant Retailers Cellular Phone Payments Solutions - Through our store cellular phone terminals, point-of-sale (POS) systems, we distribute a supply of electronic products from many of the most well-known cellular phone brands to retailers both large and small

By providing a leading processing and reporting solution, Direct Wireless Telecom has built a sales rich foundation that ensures merchants have an abundance of valued products to sell. We also provide a peace of mind by offering key support functions such as reliable payments solutions, Call Today: 1-877-947-3577 to learn how to receive the greatest discount with cellular phone products, that's designed to bring repeat foot traffic to merchant retailers doors.

Guaranteed Inventory
With triple redundancy of product inventory, we have made sure that you will never run out of products to sell, No inventory costs for products.

Direct Wireless is officially a booming product segment. Don’t let your customers go elsewhere to activate and top-up their accounts, Grow your profits today, pain free.

Free of Charge
Merchant’s will be provided a free virtual terminal to perform sales and reporting. The program has absolutely no merchant charges.

Reporting & Billing
Merchants can pull reports to balance their registers and to reconcile billing which occurs once a week.

Easy Sign Up

Only a few minutes of your time is needed to complete a merchant agreement and setup paperwork. Start selling within days.

Apply Now

1(877) 947-3577 and let us know all about your store results needed and we will indeed, show you the difference, we will help your bottom line with better discounts with all product solutions your customers use and your location sell the most.

Continue to web site for more information: http://www.prepaiddirectwireless.com

1. Valid Store Front
2. Business License or resale certificate
3. Void Check Account

Bill Payment Services & Cellular Phone Prepaid Services Provider. Retail Licensing Provider of Bill Payment Services & Cellular Phone Prepaid Services Provider Technologies.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Attention, All Wireless Stores - Merchant Retailers! Cellular Phones innovative payment solution processing

The Cellular Phone Bill Payments Wireless Store products that connect with wireless consumers that's designed to bring repeat foot traffic with the BEST DISCOUNT IN THE INDUSTRY.

Programs and products that make your store a wireless destination
Your walk-in consumers need these wireless ways of payments to conduct personal and professional business, Indeed, they also need convenient ways to access what these solutions offer. Our wireless products are the payments solutions to which they are turning.

Merchant retailers use our products to capture the wireless customer at their stores

We help retailers, both national chains and independent stores, with the wireless products and services that cater to the consumer looking for convenience and flexibility. Your wireless customers will come to your store for regular wireless purchases and top-ups and, as an added value, this will help with other sales in-store purchases.

SIM Activation Kit
Our SIM activation kits give consumers everything they need to use their unlocked mobile device, including a SIM card and a card for airtime.

Wireless Top-Up
With an extensive suite of wireless top-up options at retail, we give consumers an easy way to top-up their account.

Carrier Activation Service
We enable retailers to fully activate a customer device onto a carrier network.

International Mobile Top-Up
We provide international mobile top-up cards that allow U.S. consumers to top-up accounts for friends and family located in other countries.

Wireless Products for Independent Merchant Retailers
We provide independent wireless retailers with the solutions they need to turn their stores into destinations, Plus for your customers who rely on these products for everyday life. Now your store front can offer more with innovative payment solution processing.

For more information contact us TODAY at 1-877-947-3577 how using a in store payment platform, we will help your independent store - merchant retailers by turning your stores into wireless payment returning repeat foot traffic destinations.

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Web Site: http://www.prepaiddirectwireless.com
Phone: 1-877-947-3577

Bill Payment Services & Cellular Phone Prepaid Services Provider. Retail Licensing Provider of Bill Payment Services & Cellular Phone Prepaid Services Provider Technologies.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Attention, All Merchant Retailers! Bill Payments System Designed to Draw More Repeat Customers into Your Store with the BEST DISCOUNTS IN THE INDUSTRY

Attention, All Merchant Retailers! Bill Payments System Designed to Draw More Repeat Customers into Your Store with the BEST DISCOUNTS IN THE INDUSTRY

As one of only two AT&T TSP’s nationwide, Prepaid Direct Wireless gives your customers access to the prepaid products, support and longevity of a national carrier. We act as your bridge to AT&T, guaranteeing you an extensive catalog of products and services across 42 states, plus Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Your location will be able to activate AT&T SIMS, Phones and reload airtime time too many other carriers, Including h2o, Boost Mobile, MetroPcs, Cricket, T-Mobile, Verizon, Simple Mobile, PagePlus, Lyca, including international top ups Plus MANY MORE, with supreme awesome discounts to merchant retailers.

Our proprietary online portal empowers Retailers to track sales, commissions and bonuses in one streamlined hub — no terminal required!, Computer printer and internet connections -Web Based

Get access to all these feature and more via our convenient easy to-use online retailer portal: with activations, reloads, number transfer/porting, and reporting with AT&T national brand recognition, that's designed to bring repeat foot traffic to your storefront.

Access to all of these features and more using our convenient, user-friendly online merchant retail portal.

*High Profit-SPIFFS continually per phone activations

FAST APPROVAL: Requirements; must have store front, Business License, Resale Sales Certificate.

For more information CALL TODAY 1-877-947-3577 or continue to: http://www.prepaiddirectwireless.com

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Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Welcome to the AT&T SIM Card Program & Cellular Phone Services - Merchant Retailers Add a Profit Center and More Customers!

Merchant retailers wireless stores dealers Add a Profit Center and More Customers...The electronic age has been bridged by a new electronic AT&T Activations prepaid cellular phone bill payment service now offered through Prepaid Direct Wireless, Solutions for Retailers

Did you know that the market for "Cellular Pay All Bills" is diverse, and yet all of these groups share at least one thing in common, they provide services to their existing members and attract new members with services to which they may not otherwise have access.

-- Ministries
-- Pawnshops
-- Convenience Stores
-- Mail / Package Centers
-- Check Cashing
-- Payday Loan
-- Neighborhood Markets
-- Employee Benefit (low cost service for employees without checking accounts)
-- Supermarkets
--Travel Agents

The entire process is completely safe, reliable and underwritten by AT&T, offers SIM sales and activations in 46 states, plus Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Rather than monthly contract cellular phone, merchant retailers are able with new AT&T PREPAID unlocked Multi-SIM (Standard, Micro or Nano) be able to activate cellular phones of all consumers and data only device plans to AT&T 5G evolution, by purchasing a Sim Card from the merchant, and have the cellular phone with the Merchant Retailer, can become an established bill payment customer and pay any cellular bill that is payable to any cellular biller. The entire cellular activations - bill payment process is completed at one convenient location.

We value the members of our market, and look forward to working with each group and individual to enhance the overall value of this service, and the relationship that we will gain from our association.

Please visit our site for more information on the "Pay All Bills
" solution, at Cellular Phone Prepaid Services Provider. Retail Licensing Provider of Bill Payment Services & Cellular Phone Prepaid Services Provider Technologies.

For more information call 1-877-947-3577 or continue to web site: http://www.prepaiddirectwireless.com