Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Attention, All Cellular Stores! Recharge or Top-Up Customers Unlimited Prepaid Cellular Phone in Mattter of Seconds

The prepaid services allow retailers to recharge or top-up a customers prepaid wireless phone on-line in a matter of seconds, with-out the risks and issues associated with stocking scratch cards. This dynamic service was created in response to the growing demand for prepaid services across th US.

The Electronic Cellular Recharge Concept to Develop a Model Which Addresses a Number of Abjectives.

A station that Eliminates Theft - The displayed cards have no value.
A station that Reduces Display Space - There is no need for card with multiple dollar denomination.
A station that increase customer loyalty and Encourages Repeat Business - The cards can be recharged, without purchasing new cards.
A station that Easily Add Products - When new Pre-Paid products become available, they can be added with a simple program download.
To provide ease of use front end services. Sell Now, Pay Later - You only pay for what you actually sell. You never have to buy an inventory. Don't incur any costs on products until after they are sold and you have collected the money.

Wider variety of products.
Eliminates running out of product inventory.
Provides real-time sales data.
Provides tracking of all sales data at all levels of business.
Provides daily reports via terminal processing unit.
Eliminates card production and delivery costs.
Significant new revenue source.

The concept for the electronic cellular recharge is that from a single POSA Terminal, a retail merchant can offer his customer multiple Prepaid services. This concept is superior to merchants having to use "LIVE" prepaid cards that are expensive to purchase and are plague by theft. A merchant must make as many as 10 Pre-paid card sales to makeup for the theft of one live card.

The usage is similar to paying a bill by debit card where a keypad is used to select airtime minutes or dollar values. The purchased product is delivered in real time via the POS terminal in the form of a secure PIN number from the carriers secure server. A printed receipt containing the unique PIN number enables the service activation. Since the PIN number is downloaded in real time, is single use, and doesn't need to be inventoried by the retailer, it couldn't be more user friendly and cost effective. Easy. Merchant retailer may also use web based pins from personal business computer.

There are three different ways associated with the development and display of any electronic cellular recharge station. The solutions make this process as easy as possible for you. We provide display, which creates a visually compelling presentation of prepaid products. The merchandising center combined the POSA terminal, will allow you to show off prepaid products with no concern for theft of live Prepaid Cellular Time, Prepaid Phone Cards.

The pie is big enough for every retailer, Retailers can have repeat traffic in many ways in the prepaid business. Prepaid Cellular and Walk-in Bill Payments is gaining momentum, there is a huge demand for prepaid, people are demanding these services.

The all you can eat unlimited cellular prepaid carriers are seeing more people go to prepaid than ever before and prepaid cellular is going to continue to grow. IT HAS MORE POTENTIAL THAN CONTRACT PHONES.

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As more walk-in customer need prepaid top-up. Merchant retailers methods are evolving to respond to new technologies, If you would like more information on how prepaid cellular electronic recharge solutions can help grow your business, please call Wireless Direct: 1-877-947-3577

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