Thursday, February 13, 2020

A powerhouse that has it all - The Prepaid Direct Wireless cellular bill payments web portal or counter top terminal was built with your business in mind to bring you, the store business owners the best tools an analytics to run your wireless bill payment walk in solutions business.

You will be able to make payments to Boost Mobile, Cricket Wireless, MetroPCS, AT&T, Verizon, Page Plus, TracPhone, Simple Mobile, Net 10, H2O Wireless, LycaMobile, T-Mobile, plus many more, major or small cellular carriers in your area and international top-ups, for your walk-in customers. Other companies care about their bottom line. We CARE about YOURS.

A powerhouse that has it all

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Prepaid Direct Wireless Authorized Retailer Program


TOP Brands on the Top Networks
One size does not fit all anymore. Whether you walk-in customer rely on Unlimited 4G LTE† data, International Calling, or affordable family plans this system will allow your business to take the bill payments and More!!, different people have different needs. With all brands on the nation's top networks, we have the right solution for everyone of your customers, designed to bring in return repeat foot traffic.

ACTIVATE: New Customers - Sign up new customers an have repeat returning walk in traffic bill payments customers- prepaid phone cellular bill payments system. Sims for AT&T, H2O, LycaMobile, EasyGo, Phone EasyGo, an Airvoice

AIRTIME: Cellular Bill Payments Service Solutions, Easily pay your walk in customers cellular bills in just a few seconds plus with all the major prepaid cellular phone carriers.

REPORTING: Get an indepth look at all your activations, commissions, daily settlements and more.

The Prepaid Direct Wireless web portal or terminal for wireless stores, convenience stores, Gas stations, truck stops an mom and pop stores is packed with features to help store owners better service current or new walk-in customers as well attracting new repeat customers.

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