Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sprint Nation-Wide Network Sprectrum Creates Added Value too Wireless Stores with Customizable Low Price Cellular Phone Plans

Merchants are finding adding bill payment solutions and activating used or New Sprint Cellular Phones Devices on Nationwide Sprint Network to their Point-of-Sale platform is greatly adding to their foot traffic and added value revenue. Additionally, go-getting wireless stores are making commissions by being in the loop with walk-in customers with cellular phones and switching them to new and better option plans when needed from month to month.

Bill payment processing is bringing repeat traffic and lucrative profits to retailers with other goods and services. Many are on the bill pay and cellular phone recharge bandwagon. Here's why it can be successful.

Many consumers who are unbanked and credit challenged pay their bill with cash. They have no checking accounts, debit or credit cards. It is estimated that about 30% of the population in the US stands in line to pay all their bill each week at cable companies, phone companies, and satelite TV offices.

Retailer could get the overflow traffic, if bill payments and prepaid cellular airtime payment were set up in via corner store locations or wireless stores. The merchant receives a convenience payment fee, that they will set on there own, so the store shares in the revenue. The benefits for the merchant resulted in increased walk-in traffic and the convenience fee. We work and have relationships with all billers.

The Wave of The Future Low Cost Cellular Phones Airtime and How Nationwide Sprint Network accelerating customers price value, competitive positioning Retailers too retain more$

Activate used or New Sprint Cellular Phones on Nationwide Sprint Network and Unlocking All Phones and Breaking Monthly Contract Made Easy. Set your own buy rate and profit margins, after Taxes to your walk-in customers. YOU SET YOUR OWN PROFIT MARGINS, AND YOU ALWAYS BE PAID, NO MATTER WHERE YOUR CUSTOMERS RECHARGE. Compare noted rates with any cellular carrier.

$9.99 250 Min & Unlimited Text = $11.78 after all taxes.

$19.99 Unlimited Talk & Text = $22.78 after all taxes.

$49.99 Unlimited Talk, Text and 3G/4G WiMax Data = $52.78 after all taxes.

$54.99 Unlimited Talk, Text and 4G LTE Data = $57.78 after all taxes.

Spiffs too retailers for each activation.

In addition, starting in October, will make available instant discount up 15% on rate plans.

Activation and payment portal, it will NOT appear on any prepaid terminal system!

If your customer pays their bill online or through another dealer, you will still be compensated for your customer.

Activate used or New Sprint Devices on Nationwide Sprint Network. Deal directly with the country's premier Authorized Provider and get paid promptly and accurately, because we respect it's YOUR money!.

Receive instant Retailer location approval for this ground-floor opportunity with powerful network with sales materials.

The Plans

Basic Package

$9.99/mo + tax

250 minutes of talk time

Unlimited texts

Unlimited Talk & Text Nationwide Plans With Data Usage

$19.99/mo + tax

Unlimited talk

Unlimited text

Data Options

Unlimited emails
Unlimited webpages
Unlimited Facebook posts with photo upload
Unlimited app/game/song downloads
Unlimited hours of streaming music
Unlimited streaming video

*4G LTE Data plans that can be added to the $9.99 or $19.99 rate plan.

Nation-Wide Coverage

Your wireless, Your customer way.

Here is how we did it. We started with what is most important with wireless… a dependable nationwide network. Were talking about Nationwide Sprint Network, not just local coverage. We listened to your customers…Your customer were tired of being forced to buy large plans of unlimited data to connect there smart phone. We all fell for the "unlimited" supersize plans and we learned more is not always more. So, we offer customizable plans. Now your customer can take control of there phone bill. Supersize there wallet, not there phone bill!

Become a Mobile Authorized Dealer

Want to become a Mobile Authorized Dealer?

Mobile has some of the best compensation plans. We know how tough the market is now! At Mobile we want to ensure your success, if our dealers are not successful neither are we.

For example Mobile offers one (1) mile protection from other Dealers in your area, we also give you the ability to make 90% of your profit on the front end.

e-mail us at with any questions or call us at 877-947-3577 and a customer rep will be able to help you.

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