Friday, November 10, 2006

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How Retaillers are Maximizing Opportunities = Increasing Your Sales

Those Retailers who create additional sales do it seemingly without effort. If you watch closely, though, you’ll discover that there are a few reasons they do it so well.

First, they’ve established a rapport with the customer. They aren’t just clerking the sale, they take the time to establish some type of relationship with the customer.

Secondly, they’ve asked enough questions to have a good understanding of what product to recommend as well as how the customer will be using it. As an example, if the customer is buying a gift, the associate has taken the time to ask a few questions about the person who will be receiving the gift. After asking their questions they might know the recipient’s name, the occasion for receiving the gift, and some background information on the person that will link them with specific products in the store.

And finally, what separates those who can do multi-unit sales well versus those who don’t is the ability to make that transition from the "I’ll take it" on the first product to showing of the additional products. They all seem to have some very natural and effective transition lines that move the customer from the first purchase to looking at additional products.

Here are some of the best transition lines:

* "If you like that you’re going to love this." * "If he or she likes [fill in blank], then you really need to consider [fill in blank]."
* "You just have to see this." * "Let me show you what will really enhance that." * "I’ll tell you what will go perfectly with that." * "Now that you have that, you really should think about this." * "Let me ask you one more question." * "I really recommend that you consider adding this."

And I’m sure you can add many of your own. Notice a couple things about these transition lines:
1. None of them are questions, they’re statements. Successful retail associates don’t ask the customer if he/she wants to look at something else, they assume that the customer will continue to shop. They can do this because they’ve established that relationship with the customer and learned enough to suggestion additional products that will enhance the customer’s purchase or life. If the customer is in a hurry he/she will say "no thank you" and that’s that. The retail salesperson’s job is to make sure the customer receive the best possible experience. The best experience when a customer is walking out of the store with as much product as he wanted to buy. Not what we decided he needed.

2. Successful retail associates don’t ask the customer "Is there anything else you are looking for?" Probably 90% of customers say no and almost 100% of the sales associates they’ve met that day have used that same tired line. If the customer is even thinking about looking for something else the transition lines will spur the customer to bring it up.

Many retailers see an employee’s average UPT (Units per transaction) as a measurement of their ability to sell. I see it as way to measure both how well they are focused on the customers and their ability to maximize their opportunity.

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