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Attention, All Retailers! Merchant Retail Resolutions to Improve in 2008. Bill Payment Services - Prepaid Cellular Providers Solutions

Attention, All Retailers! Merchant Retail Resolutions to Improve in 2008. Bill Payment Services - Prepaid Cellular Providers Solutions

Work together on resolutions to improve retail solutions in 2008.

For Store Managers:
I resolve to delegate more of my administrative paperwork to my assistant and spend more time coaching and developing my staff on the floor.

I resolve that by March 1st every staff member will know what I believe are their strengths and they will have an action plan for improvement opportunities.

I also resolve that by that date I will have worked on my assistant's development in the areas he/she needs to develop further as a manager. By the end of the year I want that person ready to run a store.

I resolve to write down three areas in which I want to grow and improve. Once each month I will review that list so I remain focused on becoming the best leader I can be.

I resolve to spend ten minutes every work day reviewing store results to date and strategizing my day to achieve goal. I resolve to create success and not just wait for it to happen.

Finally, I resolve to achieve sales and other performance targets no matter what.

For Independent Store Owners (Some retail executives may consider these as well.)

I resolve to take the actions listed for the store manager position and/or ensure my managers do those resolutions.

I resolve to spend at least one hour each week focused on growing my business and my own personal development. I know that if I don't do this that it will be harder for my business to grow and succeed.

I resolve to put into place a structured sales and experience approach to make sure we maximize every single customer opportunity.

I resolve to stop complaining about Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond, Toys R Us, or any other big box retailer because of what they sell and how much they sell it for. I will instead use that same energy to find opportunities that are available in key niches not being served by the big boxes as well as delivering more personalized service.

I resolve that by the end of the year I will only be employing great employees or employees who are on their way to greatness. I know I can't afford to have any staff member that I wouldn't want helping me in a store if I was a customer.

I resolve to hand off more of my low impact tactical tasks and spend more time coaching my team and working on strategic plans.

Finally, I resolve to set and achieve sales and other performance targets no matter what.

For Store Support Team Members
I resolve to discover more ways that my department and/or role can help the store be more efficient in 2008.

I resolve to find ways that my work can help improve the experience a customer receives in our stores.

I resolve to be a resource to a manager who is struggling in his/her role and do my best to not be frustrated with that person.

Finally, I resolve to achieve my performance targets no matter what.

For All Store Employees
I resolve to spend 5-10 minutes each work day improving my sales and experience skills or product knowledge.

I resolve to try to do a little something extra for each and every customer.

I resolve to not show a customer a product until I know something about them or their needs.

I resolve to never finish a sale. I will keep recommending products and solutions until the customer finishes the sale.
I resolve to not take personally anything an unhappy customer says. I will also try to turn them from unhappy customer to raving customer advocate.

I resolve to be a good team member by recognizing my colleagues when they do something above and beyond for a customer or another team member.

I resolve to be a positive influence on the entire team.

I resolve that no matter what 2008 brings, I'm going to enjoy it as much as humanly possible.

I resolve to make 2008 the best year ever both professional and personally.

Businesses must never stop innovating and continually add value to there business process to maintain & enahance the competitive position.

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