Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bill Payments with Wireless Prepaid Cellular Brings in Repeat Customers too Merchant Retailers and Wireless Cellular Stores

Merchant are finding that adding Empasystems bill pay and top up prepaid cellular solutions to their Point-of-Sale is greatly adding to their repeat foot traffic and revenues. At first, store are very skeptical, but once the solutions have opened new repeat foot traffic in-store front doors and brings in new constant repeat traffic, the store owner will get too sell the customers other goods and services. Good store locations will increase business by 47%, by putting a sign outside the store that advertises "All Bill Accepted Here" Once the store front stick with this repeat store traffic builder, it will become the best thing that's happened in your business.

This solutions is very easy for store clerks, the store owner will be able to accept and process payments to ANY billers, such as utilities, auto, and mortgage, rental apartments, or ANY and ALL billers to name a few.

Getting customers into your to pay bills is going to become more and more prevalent. Once your customers get used to paying bills at a particular store, it will become a habit, your store will become NEED FILLERS!

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