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Retail financial paperless money ordering bill paying and cell phone service provider tech trends for 2012

Retail financial paperless money ordering bill paying and cell phone service provider tech trends for 2012

Merchant retail wireless stores owners are helping in-store sales, other goods and services owners provide within the store, by offering walk-in bill paying financial bill aggregation system paperless money ordering provider and both prepaid cellular airtime recharge | Monthly prepaid cellular cell phone service plan providers to help build deeper, long-term relationship with walk-in customer.

Retail financial paperless money ordering bill paying and cell phone service provider tech trends in 2012

Convenience of for your walk-in customer to pay ANY Bill Paying Biller- Prepaid Cellular Phone Provider Wireless Airtime Recharge, which Increases Foot Traffic, and Sales at your locations!

Financial Management bill aggregation which sniff out the safest and most reliable payment system for business owners, here's what lies in store this year.

If you're or one of your walk-in customers are one of the holdouts still paying bills with cheques, tracking your accounts with pen and paper or clipping coupons from the newspaper, 2012 could be the year you or your walk-in customer take the digital plunge, because of post office closing.

A host of retailers are with an budding paperless billers finance services and cell phone service carrriers are poised to go mainstream in the new year, and together, they will likely have a big impact on the way people bank, shop, track their finances, save money with prepaid cellular and pay all bills. Some of the services are Web-based or POS, but many retailers will take advantage of the proliferation of post office closing by helping out the unbanked, in local neighborhood markets, becoming need fillers to many walk-in customer.

Customers can expect more on these fronts in the next 12 months from, Wireless Cellular Stores, Food Marts/Gas Stations, Pawn Shops, Convenience Stores, Mail/Packing Store, Payday Loans, Check Cashing Location, Supermarkets and Banks, retailers can compete with multichannel giants to increase profits, improve customer satisfaction and repeat foot traffic. Now your customers can pay all or any paperless money order bills here! and topup prepaid cellular phones.

Take payments from your customers, for all their bills. (Drive repeat traffic into your establishment)

Telephone Phone
Cable Bill
Cellular Bills
Charge Card Bills
Home Owners Association Billers
(We have 1000s of billers in the system)
in various industries that have agreed to accept payments electronically from your business, If biller have not agreed to accept electronically, the system will automatically create paperless money order for your walk-in customer, this automatic add biller into the system.

Brand New Prepaid Phones and Sims Cards for all prepaid phone carriers

This service is helping millions of people without bank accounts to pay their bills at their local stores. Our major biller authorized payment platform, allows you to accept payments and earn a fee for each payment processed. No more hassles of buying a money order or cashier’s check or searching for stamps and a mailbox. No more running around town to various places to pay bills. You can make your store your customer’s local authorized payment center.

Remember that we pay any and all bills - these are just some of the most commonly paid billers in our system. Merchant retailers can add any Biller to the system. Why not help blend the convenience ideas for your walk-in customers, that brings in repeat traffic store fronts and help out your other goods and services. THE WAVE OF THE FUTURE SOLUTIONS FOR MERCHANT RETAILERS.

Vist Bill Payment Services | Prepaid Cellular Phone Topup System | One-stop convenience for anyone wanting to pay any biller in your retail store. The nationwide, Internet-based process is underwritten by an FDIC - insured bank and utilizes relationships with thousands of commercial billers in various industries that have agreed to accept any payments electronically.

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