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Prepaid Cellular Phone Services Merchants - Bill Payment Services Money Solutions For Merchant Retailers Walk-In Customers

Prepaid Cellular Phone Services Merchants - Bill Payment Services Money Solutions For Merchant Retailers Walk-In Customers

Prepaid cell phone plans used to be sketchy alternatives for those with less than stellar credit ratings, but not anymore. They can be ideal for anyone who's had enough of restrictive two-year contracts, scary overage fees, or micromanagement of cell phone minutes. Likewise, while they used to be more expensive than traditional plans, prepaid costs have begun to fall, and the plans have become just another way to break into the cell phone game. As the popularity of prepaid has skyrocketed, even the big brand-name carriers have jumped onto the bandwagon.

Prepaid plans are pretty self-explanatory: you open an account and pay for airtime up front. When you run out of minutes, you either pony up for more or, if you've had enough, simply let your plan expire. Want to switch carriers or cancel your service? No problem--you're not under contract, so you're free to jump ship anytime.

Though they can have advantages over traditional plansn, But if you need the phone only for emergencies, if you use your mobile very infrequently, or if you're simply a commitmentphobe who'd rather not sign a two-year contract, you're an ideal candidate for a prepaid plan. Not only can it save you money in the long run, but it can also be a great way for cell phone newbies to get their feet wet. For example, a senior citizen who has never used a cell phone may appreciate the simplicity, while a teenager buying a first mobile can learn the responsibility that comes with it.

The big advantage of prepaid is that there's little hassle and no commitment. How to use a prepaid plan. To get started with a prepaid plan, you buy a phone and a set amount of service. For some carriers, you pay specifically for a bucket of minutes, ranging from 30 to 1,000; for other carriers, you buy the equivalent of a calling card (say, $25). When you use up your minutes or your calling card, your phone stops working, and you must buy more--thus, avoiding overage charges. You can shop through the carrier's Web site, or you can go to a carrier store or a local retailer and buy your phone and minutes in person. While most carriers have simple plans where you just buy minutes as you need them, others have monthly rates or autopay options where your credit or ATM card is automatically charged a set dollar amount each month. As you make calls, the per-minute cost is deducted from the monthly amount until you have no more money or time left.

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