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Merchant Retailers Buying Strategic Competitive Advantages with Prepaid Cellular - Bill Payment Services Solutions

Merchant Retailers Buying Strategic Competitive Advantages with Prepaid Cellular Phones - Bill Payment Services Solutions

Ways retailers to not simply survive, but thrive is to become even more in-tune about customer's shopping experience in your store.

Retail experience is indeed part of retailers value proposition, merchant must deliver a better experience in 2008 than they did in the past. Failure to do so will have a direct impact on both businesses top and bottom lines.

The great way to help your top and bottm lines is to make customers feel good about their experience with your retail business.

Merchant Customer's of 2008 Trends

1. Does your customer feel a positive and energetic vibe when he/she enters the store?
This usually comes from a combination of the staff's attitude, quality of greeting, music, and other variables.

2. Is it clear to your customer that he/she is the staff's highest priority - without being pounced on as they walk in the door?

Some retailers have cut back staffing to a point that the employee's priority is now completing tasks instead of focusing on the customer.

3. Are you creating some type of memorable moment for your customers?

What is happening inside your store that isn't happening anywhere else? Is it that bottle of water your customer is offered, a comfortable chair, a piece of candy or a product sample? While the best memorable moments are usually the result of your staff doing something spontaneous with a customer, a planned strategic memorable moment is a very effective tool.

4. Are your customers able to check out quickly when they're ready?

Customers never feel good if they have to wait a long time to finalize their purchase. Sometimes they don't even bother. A friend of mine was at a department store last weekend and wanted to buy over $400 worth of clothes but the only register open was much too slow for him.

5. Is your store impeccable?

Not just clean, not just well merchandised, impeccable! Beyond the staff, the store environment plays a big part in the customer's experience. Are the product displays well maintained Are new shipments put out quickly without causing any disruption to the customer? Is the cashwrap clutter-free?

6. Most important of all, is every single employee in your company obsessed with your customer's experience?

That by far is the most important thing you can and should be doing right now. Every employee in your company or store should be obsessed with the customer's experience because they know that it is the highest priority and there's no one more obsessed about the customer's experience than you.

If merchant retailers closely analyze their customers, business, environment, and technologies, the in-store customer experiences can be dramtically enhanced to create compelling and profitable solutions that drive sales, fuel profits and repeat customers with online bill payment services, prepaid cellular services, prepaid debit cash loading, & international money transfer.

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