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Top Reasons Wireless Retailers are Winning & Walk-in Customers are Choosing Prepaid Cell Phones Top Ups & Online Bill Payment Service Solutions.

Top Reasons Wireless Retail Dealers are Winning & Walk-in Customers are Choosing Prepaid Cell Phones Top Ups & Online Bill Payment Service Solutions.

To succeed you have to know that you are indeed better than your competitors. You may not always have the lowest price or the largest inventory, but you must be confident that your in-store experience you offer your customer is indeed the best.

Keeping that confidence is easy when things are going well but it can get challenging if you're falling short of goal. And once a retail team begins to lose confidence it becomes even harder to win.

Every day your store is open you're stepping up to the plate. Every day you either hit your goal and win that day's game, or you fall short and you don't.

I guarantee that if, when you open your doors in the morning, you are absolutely positive your retail team is indeed better than everyone else, then you've got a great shot at winning that day's game.

Reason merchant retailer customer use prepaid cellular providers solutions

1. If you get a flat tire or your car breaks down, you’ll have a way to get a hold of a family member, taxi or tow truck (or all three) whether you’re within distance of a payphone or not. And since most prepaid plans don’t have roaming charges, you don’t have to worry about incurring extra fees based on where you’re at.

2. Prepaid cell phones do not require contracts or credit checks. Just because you forgot to pay a bill three years ago doesn’t mean you have to pay hundreds of dollars in deposits to belong to the 21st century.

3. Depending on who you call and when, long distance calls from your prepaid cell phone may be even cheaper than calling from a landline – and with a prepaid cell, you can do it from anywhere you happen to be!

4. You haven’t lived until you’ve text messaged. Many people are finding text messaging a great way to keep in touch when you don’t have time to call someone or are in a situation where dialing a phone or talking on it might be rude. Depending on the provider you choose, your plan can include text messaging – giving you not only a cell phone, but a mini instant messenger as well.

5. No matter where you are, you’re accessible to family, friends and business associates. You don’t have to wait by the phone for someone to call. A prepaid phone will usually tell you how many minutes you have left, so you know when to end those calls before you go over the allotted minutes, unlike most postpaid plans.

6. Don’t want to be accessible? Having a prepaid phone makes it easy to tell someone you’re almost out of minutes and have to go. Okay, so maybe that isn’t the most honest use for a prepaid cellular phone, but it sure can be a useful one!

7. Tons of people are not regular cellular users and only want cell phones for emergencies and times when they travel. With a traditional cell phone, you’re locked into a contract that requires you to pay a monthly service fee whether you use the phone or not. With a prepaid phone, you can get a minute plan that allows you to use the phone only when you need it – without paying for the times you don’t.

8. Phones utilizing prepaid wireless service can be just as cool as those using traditional plans. The top providers offer up to date phones with everything from email capabilities, to picture messaging, to custom ringtones and more. Same great features without signing an iron clad contract.

9. Have a teenager with a cell phone? Then you’ve likely had the strength of your heart tested on more than one occasion when you’ve gotten their monthly bill. Prepaid mobile phones are a great way for teens to get the "coolness" they require without giving them an equivalent to a blank check. By utilizing prepaid, you’re able to limit their use – and their bill.

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