Monday, September 17, 2012

Attention, All Retail Store Owners!. Cash In On the Free Cellular Phones | Home Phone Services

Government Cell Phones | Want to get paid to give them away? You can cash in on the millions of people getting free cell phones by setting up your retail store as enrollment center or utilizing your store for live event giveaways?

Any customer receiving government benefits like food stamps (SNAP|EBT), Medicaid, etc., qualifies for a FREE Cell Phone with FREE Minutes!

Over 100 Million Qualified Customers in USA,

Government Cell Phone Program For the States of OK, AR, MD and RI only, other States opening soon.

Home Phone Services available for States of AL, GA, KY, LA, and SC only. States of TN and MS opening soon.

Add Extra Income to Your Business with NO Additional Investment!

· Simple program

· Make money for every activation

· Make money for every payment you take

· No inventory

Prepaid cellular airtime retail store system with all the major prepaid cellular providers

Customer Enrollment is as easy as 1-2-3

Customer's home phone will get connected.

Customer returns to your store to pay their bill each month.

For more infomation about lifeline forms, application and Plan Features, please contact Merchant Support at 1-877-947-3577 or reply back by CLICKING HERE and e-mail with your name, business name, address, city and state, phone contact with the best times to contact you and hit send. YOU MUST HAVE STORE FRONT AND BE THE BUSINESS OWNER.

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