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The controversy over the U.S. Postal Service's efforts to close Processing and Distribution Plants is being repeated in hundreds of American communities, as the USPS prepares to close more than half of the nation's 460 mail processing centers.

Closing postal facilities will have a devastating impact on millions of individual citizens who rely on the mail to connect them to their communities and the nation at large. Nearly 40 percent of Americans don't have broadband Internet access, and 28 percent of Americans have no Internet access at all. About 55 percent of consumers still receive hard-copy bills and statements.

The cost of closures will be high. The postal service announced Dec. 5 that massive closures will force the USPS to eliminate overnight delivery for first class mail and periodicals, change next-day delivery to two days, and extend two-day delivery to three days. With holidays and weekends, the delivery of a first class letter could take more than a week.

Pay all bill here walk-in bill paying system is designed to bring in repeat walk-in foot traiffic, added value to your business and will help businesses to become need fillers with needed walk-in money solutions.

Due to the financially struggling U.S. Postal Service is bemoaning the accelerating shift by consumers away from sending everything from Christmas cards to bill payments by physical mail. But, on the other side of the coin, new data confirm that the automated clearing house is where a lot of former paper-based payment traffic is going. This means your store will see increase walk-in traffic, the demand to pay all bills in the future, with payments that are safe, secure and convenient, consumers seem to be adopting those.

Bill paying system provides one-stop convenience for anyone wanting to pay ANY bills. The nationwide, internet-based process is underwritten by an FDIC-insured bank and utilizes relationships with thousands of commercial billers in various industries that have agreed to accept payments electronically, that's completely safe and reliable for your business and walk-in customers.

Remember your business will pay all bills - these are just some of the most commonly paid billers in our system. We can add any Biller to the system.

Post payments to utilities, water companies, cable providers, department stores, banks, credit card companies, wireless services, telephone phone, insurance, satellite, auto, sanitation, storeage, home owner association and ANY biller you like too add into system.

PRODUCTS: Pays all bills Here, Prepaid Cellular Airtime, Debit Card Cash Loading, International Money Transfer, Brand New Prepaid Cellular Phones, Sim Cards & Cellular Phone Activation Kits, from all the major cellular carriers.

All your Location need, is computer, printer and internet connections - Web Based.

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