Thursday, November 07, 2013

Demise of Checks and Money Orders Quickly become Walk-in Bill payments | Cell Phone Minutes Results too Repeat Foot Traffic for Retail Wireless Stores

Did you know that the market for "Pay All Bills Here" is diverse, and yet all of these groups share at least one thing in common, they provide services to their existing members and attract new members with services to which they may not otherwise have access.

-- Ministries
-- Pawnshops
-- Convenience Stores
-- Mail / Package Centers
-- Check Cashing
-- Payday Loan
-- Neighborhood Markets
-- Employee Benefit (low cost service for employees without checking
-- Supermarkets

It's a pretty tall order when we suggest that a Ministry and a Pawnshop provide similar services, but it's true. A Ministry may use "Pay All Bills Here" to provide financial relief to a member of thier congregation by providing payments direct to the member's billers. A Pawnshop can provide a convenient bill pay service for customers that do not have access to the traditional financial services of banks and credit unions. Both have the opportunity to assist their community and provide an
ongoing relationship through their services.

Pay All Bills Here" can certainly add another profit center, but it can also provide desirable customer traffic. This new traffic may be unfamiliar with your products and services, and they will benefit from the new relationship, but you will have an opportunity to educate the uninitiated to all that your operation can provide.

We value the members of our market, and look forward to working with each group and individual to enhance the overall value of this service, and the relationship that we will gain from our association.

Please visit our agent site for more information on the "Pay All Bills Here" solution, at

Additionally, we are confident you will find the service to be beneficial both for you and your customers.

Prepaid Direct Wireless, provides a variety of financial services to help you better serve your customers and attract more business. As an agent, you will receive a high commission instant from all products, and have the potential to be listed as an authorized payment center for certain utility companies.

With our web based software, you can accept bill payments – including premium payments for same-day posting, sell prepaid phone card minutes (without inventory) Prepaid Direct Wireless, offer extremely great rates for prepaid cell phone minutes! to retail wireless stores, and offer international services such as bill pay and mobile phone top-up. We continue to research new services to add, generally without additional cost to you. This web-based solutions requires a PC with a receipt printer, which you can use your own. It also requires an Internet connection at your location, either dial-up or broadband.

We also support the Verifone terminal device, which requires a dedicated telephone line.
This device provides a wide range of services in a smaller unit for locations with limited space.

As always, we look forward to serving you and your customers.

Please call or click today by sending an e-mail by clicking HERE, in the body of the e-mail place your name, business name, business location address, store phone number, city and state with the best times to contact you. No infomation sent with-out this infomation, you must have an store front business, business license with either city, county, state business license or State's resale Certificate of Good Standing business license. Call today to get started immediatly, and or if you have any questions. To become a bill payment processing electronic bill payment system retail member and enjoy unbeatable rate pricing for your business, quick turnaround, and helpful customer support, use any of the methods below to contact us for questions, concerns or suggestions.

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It has always been the belief of Prepaid Direct Wireless that servicing clients is the most important element of what we do and this service oriented approach gives Prepaid Direct Wireless a competitive advantage in the bill payment space. We understand that building strong business relationships begins on a personal level with each business retail owner. Store front requirement and you must be the store owner. No headhunters or just looking, only serious business owners, who want new repeat foot traffic and great rates.

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