Thursday, July 19, 2018

Attention, All Merchant Retailers. Become Cellular Phone Payment Center - AT&T Prepaid SIM Activation Program for Merchant Retailers

Prepaid Direct Wireless Solutions is a specialist in the distribution of physical and electronic prepaid products. With nearly 20 years of experience in the prepaid arena, we are able to bring the best products and services to the market with the latest technology.

We are a service and technology company that has built our strength and reputation on years of dependability, integrity and honesty with our providers, our extensive distribution network and our commitment to long-term partnerships.

Prepaid Direct Wireless Solutions proprietary platform including our updated retail portal allows wholesalers, master dealers, ISOs and retailers the ability to offer our prepaid lineup without incurring costs or the need for equipment, with full visibility into transaction and commission reporting. Our new mobile operator portal allows mobile operators access to transaction data and commission reporting on any level down to the individual retailer that offers their product or service.

Get access to all of these features and more via our convenient, easy-to-use online dealer portal.

^ Merchant receive INSTANT Spiffs upon each cellular phone Activation
* New SIMS Cards
* Phone Activations
* Reloads - Brings back repeat foot traffic
* Number Transfer/Porting
* SIM Swap
* Reporting

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Attention, All Retailers, Become a cell phone payment center - Prepaid Cellular Phone Convenience Store, ETC., Stores Payments Solutions for Walk-in Customers - Through our terminals

Become a cell phone payment center - Prepaid Cellular Phone designed to bring repeat foot traffic to Convenience Stores, ETC., Stores Payments Solutions for Walk-in Customers - Through our terminals, mobile applications and integrated point-of-sale (POS) systems we distribute a supply of electronic products from many of the most well-known prepaid brands to retailers both large and small.

You will be able to make payments to Boost Mobile, Cricket Wireless, MetroPCS, AT&T, Verizon, Page Plus, TracPhone, Simple Mobile, Net 10, H2O Wireless, LycaMobile, T-Mobile, plus many more, major or small cellular carriers in your area and international top-ups, for your walk-in customers. Plus, you get the BEST DISCOUNTS IN THE INDUSTRY, Other companies care about their bottom line. We CARE about YOURS.

By providing a leading processing and reporting solution, Direct Wireless Telecom has built a sales rich foundation that ensures merchants have an abundance of valued products to sell. We also provide a peace of mind by offering key support functions such as reliable marketing and customer care.

Revolutionary POS
We provide virtual terminals with our POS software to our customers free of charge. For retailers with local computer and internet access, Direct Wireless also offers a web POS solution in lieu of a counter top device. Web based management tool are available to all stores and sales people.

Dynamic Product Suite
Direct Wireless is constantly looking to diversify your dependence on product sales.

Marketing Support and Distribution
Direct Wireless is committed to driving foot traffic to its merchants. A wide variety of posters which are readily available to its customers.

Merchant Support
Direct Wireless provides all stores support. Let us help with terminal training, merchant billing, marketing support and product training. Just stick to what you know best, selling.

Guaranteed Inventory
With triple redundancy of product inventory, we have made sure that you will never run out of products to sell.

Direct Wireless Prepaid Payments System is officially a booming product segment. Don’t let your customers go elsewhere to activate and top-up their accounts. Grow your profits today, pain free.

Free of Charge
Merchant’s will be provided a free virtual terminal to perform sales and reporting. The program has absolutely no merchant charges.

Reporting & Billing
Merchants can pull reports to balance their registers and to reconcile billing which occurs once a week.

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Only a few minutes of your time is needed to complete a merchant agreement and setup paperwork. Start selling within days.

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