Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Wave Of The Future Latest Merchant Retail Products, Innovations and Trends!

The Wave Of The Future Latest Retail Products, Innovations and Trends!

Electronic Walk-In Bill Payment Services, No Credit Check Solution, International Money Transfer, Prepaid Debit Cash Loading & Prepaid Cellular Phone Services For Merchant Retailers.

Here's How Retailers Are TurboCharging Their Businesses For The Road Ahead With Walk-In Bill Payment Services-Prepaid Cellular No Credit Check Phone Solutions, Plus More!. Your Niche!, By Defining Merchant Retailers Into Need Fillers!.

Wireless Direct Now Offers Electronic Bill Payment Service Money Solutions; Retail Licensing Provider of Bill Payment Service & Cellular Carriers Services Technologies.

Shorewood, Wisconsin -- The electronic age has been bridged by a new electronic bill payment service now offered through Wireless Direct, Solutions for Retailers. The service is called Pay All Bills and provides "one-stop" convenience for anyone needing to pay any bill.

The entire process is completely safe, reliable and underwritten by an F.D.I.C. insured bank. Rather than purchasing a money order, finding an envelope, purchasing a stamp, and taking the bill to the post office, a person, by taking that bill or statement to Merchant Retailers, can become an established bill payment customer and pay any bill that is payable to any biller. The entire bill payment process is completed at one convenient location. The Pay All Bills system is a nationwide, Internet based solution allowing Merchant Retailer Customers to make it an easy choice for any person to pay any and all of their bills, month after month. The system utilizes relationships with thousands of commercial billers in various industries that have agreed to accept payments electronically. Additionally, any biller not currently participating in our electronic network will be contacted by the service to discuss details about how their business can become eligible to receive payments electronically, thereby enhancing their customer service.

Time frames for payment settlement vary between billers, most as quickly as two business days, depending on whether the biller can accept electronic remittance. Even if a biller cannot receive an electronic payment, still forwards the funds to the biller.

"This process has been well received by billers and customers alike," said McLaughlin, CEO, Bank, Ralls, Texas, owner of the bill payment software. "Inexpensive electronic bill payment has been reserved for those with a bank account, until now. We are pleased to offer to individuals that do not have a banking relationship a way to conveniently pay bills, too," added McLaughlin.
No one should have to leave a store empty handed because of bad credit or the inability to pay upfront. Wireless Direct Finance provides a unique NO CREDIT CHECK financing option tailor-made for both stores and customers.

Offer NO CREDIT CHECK, NO MONEY UP FRONT and 9 Month Financing with an 80% APPROVAL Rate For

Smartphones, Tablets, TVs, Car Audio, Appliances, or more!

Now from your store front offer NO CREDIT CHECK, NO MONEY UP FRONT.
Smartphones, Tablets, TVs, Car Audio, Appliances, or more!

You read right! Offer financing in your store, with no credit check! The prepaid cellular industry is changing. Many major carriers like Virgin, Cricket, etc. are carrying the iphone. Not to mention, all the smartphones and sim based mnvo's on the market! Problem is the prepaid consumer can't afford it! Until now! You can sell your customer say $300 phone and they only make a $13.08 / week payment. "iPhone for $300 or $13.08 each week for 9 months!" OR ANY OTHER BIG ITEMS YOU SELL IN YOUR STORES.
Their is no credit check. Their are qualifications. They have to have a job and a bank account! You are funded in your bank account just as if you had taken a credit card! That's right! 48 hours and the money is in your account! No liabilities, No Chargebacks!

Smartphones, Tablets, TVs, Car Audio, Appliances, or more!. Their is NO cost to you!

Our program makes it easier for customers to do business with you. Today more stores are turning away customers and losing sales due to bad credit or the customer’s inability to pay upfront. Wireless Direct specializes in offering options to consumers no matter what their credit score is.

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