Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Attention, All Merchant Retailers!. Become authorized payment center - cell phone payment center

Attention, All Merchant Retailers! Discovery GREAT discounts for your business with all the major prepaid cellular phone provider carriers, the likes of Boost Mobile, Metro Pcs, Cricket Wireless, MANY MORE! plus (AT&T Activations AND Sims cards - restricted states) NOW Available with InstaPay Spiffs! Also AT&T Ports now available on our activation portal!

Direct Wireless prepaid cellular phones payments system brings merchant retail business owners storefront the best way to start earning more money, creates amazing results for merchant retailers with more repeat foot traffic to business owners storefronts, with prepaid cellular phone wireless with cellular wireless payments or SIM Activations right from your storefront of business with web portal.

As currently proposed, along with the merger of the Sprint and T-Mobile, other brands owned by the two companies would also be centralized under the ownership of the new T-Mobile brand. These include Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile USA—currently owned by Sprint, and MetroPCS—currently owned by T-Mobile. Combined, these three companies command over 40-percent share of the prepaid wireless market. The day has come back to the retail corner pioneers storefronts business owners that will be able to refill the walk-in customers with results to the store owners.

These prepaid brands serve an extremely valuable need for a tremendous number of wireless consumers, They’re the challenger brands in the space, and they have the lowest rates, simply because they’re competing with each other so aggressively for prepaid customers. So, the current level of competition is a win for consumers.

If this merger is approved without the divesture of Boost Mobile and/or MetroPCS, the new combined entity will hold a 40-percent market share in the prepaid segment—which many would argue has the effect of being a monopoly or extreme dominance in the category.

Mobile Virtual Network Operators, or MVNOs, are mobile service providers who don’t own their own physical network infrastructure, but rather negotiate wholesale rates with the network operators, including Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon—then resell mobile plans under their own brand. There are a multitude of MVNOs in the U.S. today, most of which serve a very specific market niche, Virtually all those service providers buy wholesale services from Sprint or T-Mobile, and many of them buy from both, with Direct Wireless, that exactly what we do, we bring great discounts results to the retail merchant business owners.

Given that Sprint and T-Mobile are a dominant force in prepaid, they will have significant incentive to restrict network access to competing MVNOs and stores, with your business doing and being approved by Direct Wireless, we made sure your business will have access to all the major cellular prepaid phone carriers, too offer you super rates, an a reliable and dependable wireless cellular phone payments system to cater to your walk-in customers needs, your store become need fillers.

Merchant retail business owners required to keep in mind. It’s All About your walk-in customers experience.

Make and create your walk-in customers passionate about your store and they would cheerily recommend them to their friends.

That’s true fandom. And that’s your industry challenge.

Nontechnology entities, including libraries, big-box operators and cutting-edge grocers, are changing their models, increasing customer interaction, making sales folks personal shoppers and fulfilling the customer needs.

The question is: How are you making your store more experiential? How are you creating your next generation of fans? Think too yourself. But one thing for sure they will know a place of business to make cellular payments in the wave of the future!

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