Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bill Payment Services & Prepaid Cellular Solutions SERVING THE UNBANKED AND UNDERBANKED: Wireless Cellular Dealers, Convenience Stores, Supermarkets,

Bill Payment Services & Prepaid Cellular Solutions SERVING THE UNBANKED AND UNDERBANKED

Convenience stores are uniquely positioned to provide financial services to the the nation's 25 million unbanked, and 40 million underbanked people with no or low credit scores, because lower income consumers ten to be heavier users of convenience stores for food and beverage already.

Convenience stores need to build and drive a technology program that taps into a lot of technology. The technology category is about velocity of sales. So when speaking about revenue share, it's not about having the biggest margins or the biggest fee, it's about value to your business and how the growth, through support, technology and innovation, makes you more additional dollars in the long term.

Bill Payment Services & Prepaid Cellular Services builds premiun value to your business. Think Bill Payment Services deviate from what you are used to selling. Instead of offering your business a way to accept payments, You're be offering products and services to resell in your business. So let's jump right into answering your business most important question. W.I.I.F.B.O ( What's in it for Business Owner.)

The answer is twofold, First increased repeat foot traffic into your business, Second it's another thing to sell, a solution that's fairly hassle free. What I mean by hassle free is that it doesn't take up a lot of counter space, you don't pay for it until it's sold, you have access to virtually unlimited inventory & don't have to check in or out, and it has no expiration date. Your existing customers will be inclined to make extra visits to pay all their bills, and new customers will be drawn in because of the additional service. How many customer's come through your store each day that need to pay bills or have cellular phone?.

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