Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Prepaid Cellular Phones with Bill Payment Solutions bring Customers and Commissions to Convenience Stores Retailers

Merchants in the U.S.A are finding that adding cellular- bill payment solutions to their Point-of-Sale platform is greatly adding to their foot traffic and revenues. Additionally, go-getting wireless stores and convenience stores are making great commissions by being in the loop with prepaid cellular and bill paying customers by paying there bills electronic within the walk-in store front platform.

Retailers are getting the overflow traffic with bill payments via Web Based or POS terminals. The merchant receives a great convenience fee so the merchant shares in the revenue. The benefits for the merchant resulted in increased repeat walk-in traffic and the margins profits along with the convenience fee, a portion of the processing fee.

Retailers will work with and be able to aggregate bill payments relationships with many companies.

On the the technical side, it is easy for the store sale clerks to integrate their stores with the payments processing. It's all web based, electronic payments or POS Terminals. It all depends on how sophisticated the retailer is.

Convenience stores and wireless store will be particularly successful with the bill payment program, that's because marchant will be making more with Prepaid Direct Wireless processing platform, they sell when customers repeatedly return to make payments. Most retailers make between $1.00 to $9.00 for each payment transaction, it has open new doors for retailers, most retailers has increased business by 60 percent. The store owner place a sign outside that advertises "Bill Payments Accepted Here" Retailers that stick with this and it will be the best thing that's happen in your business.

Now convenience stores are now able to accept and process, prepaid cellular phone payments, utilities, auto and mortgage, to name a few categories. Previously, bill payments were limited to payment center such are Western Union or check cashing stores.

Getting customers into a store to pay bills is going to become more and more prevalent. Once customers get used to paying bill at a particular store, it will become a habit. That cannot be a bad thing. Stores become NEED FILLERS.

Real-Time Replenishment's Bill Payments for Merchant Retailers Walk-in Customers
Prepaid Direct Wireless developed real-time bill payment system that make the purchasing process simple and effective for both the consumer and the merchant. Real-time replenishment provides the ability to connect directly into product provider's technology platform to replenish your existing customers account immediately.

TThe real-time replenishment program Prepaid Direct Wireless will enable retailers to quickly and easily add money, time, or credit to a consumer's account, without requiring an credit check from the business owner to get started.

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