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Prepaid Cell Phones Bring Repeat Store Traffic to Retailers
Prepaid Wireless Cellular Phone Service Retail Store Pay All Bills Payment System With No Strings Attached

Prepaid Cell Phone service provides an alternative to some of the pitfalls associated with traditional wireless service. Recent service enhancements make it attractive for a wider range of customers than ever before.

Why Retailer Walk-in Customers Choose Prepaid Cell Phone Service?
Mobile phone service for most Americans is provided by a handful of large cell phone providers on a contractual basis. Contracts typically cover two years and customers are billed monthly following a month’s service. But in much of the world, prepaid cell phones are the norm and more and more customers in the United States are finding that the advantages of a pre-paid service can outweigh the disadvantages.

When choosing cellular phone service, whether pre-paid or post paid, it’s most critical to choose a service that conforms to your personal phone usage. For example, a plan that offers great international calling rates at the expense of other features isn’t likely to be of much value to you if never place international calls.

Prepaid Phone Service Advantages
Eliminate Overage Charges

With many prepaid cell phone plans you can completely eliminate the possibility of costly per minute overage charges. If you buy a given number of minutes and reach that limit, the phone simply doesn’t function. That, of course, is also the case with the genuine unlimited programs. One note of caution, though. Just because it’s prepaid in and of itself doesn’t mean that there’s no chance of overages. With the advent of new plans, there are some that give you a predetermined number of minutes per month and after that the possibility of incurring overages is possible just as with postpaid plans with specific minutes per month features. It’s important to pay attention to the details of any plan you may choose.

No Contractual Commitment
There’s something to be said for the flexibility that accompanies having no lengthy contract. Early Termination Fees (ETF) for contract based cell phone service is typically $175 though some providers charge a little more or a little less. A disadvantage to a contract service comes into play if your phone quits working after the almost universal one year warranty period but before the two year contract is up. This could well put you in a position of needing a new phone and having to pay full retail price for it to avoid the ETF. Full price for a high end new phone could easily top $500.

No Credit Checks
When signing up for service with a postpaid cell phone provider, everyone is subjected to a credit check. If your credit’s great, no problem. But if there have been a few bumps along the way, that credit check could result in the wireless provider declining service or requiring a security deposit of as much as $400. It’s very common for younger people, who haven’t yet established a credit history to find themselves in the same situation.

Best Option for Minimal Cell Phone Users
Another feature of prepaid cell phone service that is often overlooked is that it can be by far the least expensive way to get the security and convenience of having cell phone access if you use the device on an extremely limited basis. Today it seems like everyone has a phone permanently affixed to the ear but there are many people who just don’t use a wireless phone much. For those people, one of the absolutely minimal cost plans could be ideal. You can find plans as for as low as $25 for 1000 minutes of service and those minutes can remain valid for as much as ninety days. On the other hand, if all you want is to have a phone at hand in the event of an emergency or for the rare phone call, a plan like that would be hard to beat.

What to Look for in a Prepaid Cell Phone Service

The features and plans offered by Prepaid Cell Phone providers have expanded astronomically recently. The once bare-bones, take it or leave it services now offer an array of options that even have longtime postpaid users giving them another look. Here are some of the plan features to check out as you consider prepaid cell phone service:

Unlimited “Everything” Plans
Plans that include unlimited phone calls, texting, email and internet access for a flat monthly fee have been a prominent development in the postpaid wireless world of late. A few of the prepaid cell phone providers have followed suit and now offer all inclusive plans that give the big guys a run for their money. Indeed, a couple of the prepaid plans will be superior to the best of the postpaid plans for some consumers.
Many people are best able to exploit the plans’ full potential using high end smartphones which, which are available on a prepaid basis.

Flexible Monthly Plans
Many prepaid wireless providers offer one or more monthly plans either in addition to or instead of an unlimited package. The plans can feature a variety of options at a variety of prices to meet the specific needs of individual consumers. The ability to easily change from one plan to another is desirable for many people prepaid providers are typically known for their flexibility in this regard. These plans generally offer a lower per minute cost the larger the plan that is chosen. Some of the plans include text messaging and other data services while others offer such services at additional cost. As is so often the case, choosing a plan that meets your individual needs is paramount.

Economical Daily Plans
Most prepaid cell phone providers have plans that can be money savers for customers who don’t use their phones on a daily basis. Determining which plan is best depends on individual phone usage patterns.

The several phone service providers use the terms to mean different things including some of the monthly and daily plans discussed above. For purposes of consistency, when we speak of pay-as-you-go, we’re referring to pure usage based phone charges. It’s the classic use of prepaid phone service in which a given amount of airtime is purchased and the balance is decremented as the phone is used.

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