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Walk-in Prepaid Cellular | Bill Payments - offers grocery stores, convenience stores, money service businesses, wireless stores, financial institutions or other businesses a complete walk-in payments solution

Walk-in Prepaid Cellular | Bill Payments - offers grocery stores, convenience stores, money service businesses, wireless stores, financial institutions or other businesses a complete walk-in payments solution. Our expedited walk-in bill pay solution converts cash to electronic payments for over 10,000 billers and providers. We deliver faster, low-cost payments for your consumers and profits for your business.

The clerk takes a customer's cash payment and collects a convenience fee, and the transaction is processed electronically. The payments are fast for the consumer and the system is easy to use-user friendly for merchant retail stores.

* Single source — Simplify your point-of-sale with one solution for all of your cash payments.
• Easy use and integration — Our system is intuitive and integrates easily into your existing point-of-sale (POS) software, kiosks and more.

Build loyalty — Consumers appreciate the convenience of fast bill payments in your store, and they will come back to make future payments.

• Increase revenue — Offering a comprehensive suite of payments services adds a new revenue stream.
• Attract new customers — There are 60 million underbanked consumers. Our walk-in payments solutions help you attract these consumers to your store.

• Promotional support — Marketing and merchandising material available.
• Help consumers — Offer your consumers faster, lower cost expedited payments.

What we offer:

• Walk-in Payments — Consumers can walk in and pay thousands of bills like prepaid wireless, international long distance, prepaid energy and other services with cash.
• 10,000 Providers:
Expedited bill payments – Consumers walk in and can pay thousands of bills with cash.

International Prepaid Mobile Top-Up

Provides a way for individuals to buy prepaid airtime for family and friends overseas by offering a range of international mobile operators through our retailer network. The airtime recharge is typically done in real-time, and the recipient receives a text message notifying them of the successful top-up.

Prepaid Debit Cards

Otherwise known as Open Loop Cards, our network provides a valuable customer acquisition channel for Prepaid Debit Card issuers and a growth category for retailers promoting the product. In addition to selling cards, we provide a service for loading funds on to a Prepaid Debit Card. Consumers will return again and again to load their Card and likely spend some of these funds in-store.

Stored Value and Loyalty

Our Stored Value and Loyalty (SVL) platform is a fully flexible card platform used for the delivery of closed loop stored value card solutions such as retail and hospitality Gift Cards, Promotion Cards, Customer Savings Cards and Customer Compensation Cards.

Prepaid Wireless Cellular Phone Refills

We work with many of the world's leading providers of low cost long distance/international calling cards to provide consumers with convenient access to these products across a retailer network.

Gift Cards and Stored Value Cards

One of the fastest growing categories in retail today with consumers quickly establishing the benefits of buying a Gift Card for a loved one or a prepaid Stored Value Card to access their favorite services – without the need for a credit or debit card. We provide a range of solutions for retailers, consumer brands and product providers to issue their own product and distribute this in their own stores or through third-party retail distribution (i.e. Prepaid Store).

Prepaid Store
Prepaid Stores gives customers access to a wide range of branded gift cards from leading retailers, stored value cards from different categories such as digital content and open loop prepaid debit products for gifting or everyday spend. The Prepaid Store concept enables retailers to create a destination and category that is supported by our expertise in product sales and marketing, including product and package design, production, distribution and merchandising solutions.

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