Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Attention, All Retailers!. Prepaid Wireless Cellular Phone Airtime Retail Systems in the New Economy. No Contract Cellular Prepaid Phone Market

US wireless carriers saw an overall decline in contract wireless subscriptions as users gravitate toward prepaid cellular phones or no contract offers. The seven largest US phone companies, who collectively represent 95 percent of the wireless market, lost a combined 52,000 subscribers from contract-based plans during the first quarter. Leading industry research analysts report that no contract wireless revenues in the US already to $20 billion, and are projected to grow to another one billion each year over the next five years. The economic collapse certainly pushed a certain percentage of customers to prepaid, but the larger draw has been the incredibly commpetitive price points, and the increasingly appealing handset offerings. What's Driving Growth in No Contract? Clearly the cost consciousness have reshaped prepaid wireless in the last few years. The consumers's habit to spend less, along with price competition, newer more sophisticated handsets, and unlimited bundling have all contributed to the migration from postpaid to no contract. The conservative consumers like unlimited no contract plans. Now a customer who want to upgrade their phone device regularly is able to look at no contract plans because they can upgrade at will. As more users reject the carrier contract model, wireless companies will be forced to offer more options that appeal to different types of customers. It's a new dawn for prepaid wireless, or as it's call now, NO CONTRACT. Please contact Merchant Support at 1-877-947-3577 or reply back by CLICKING HERE and e-mail with your name, business name, address, city and state, phone contact with the best times to contact you and hit send. YOU MUST HAVE STORE FRONT AND BE THE BUSINESS OWNER. All you need is your computer or terminal and or may send out terminal to your location. Should you wish to speak with an representative immediately, please e-mail or phone 877-947-3577 and ask to speak with one of our business development managers. Call or E-mail Today: (877) 947-3577 Bill Payment Services & Cellular Phone Prepaid Services Provider. Retail Licensing Provider of Bill Payment Services & Cellular Phone Prepaid Services Provider Technologies.