Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Activate used or New Sprint Devices on Nationwide Sprint Network. $19.99+Tax Unlimited Talk and Texts

Are you looking for a HOT! new service to offer your customers? Then our plans are for you!
This is a free program, No Franchise fees or significant start up capital required. This great new service is spreading like wildfire across the nation. We are now located nation-wide & growing daily. We represent the most economical plans on the market. keeping our margins low on all of our devices gives us the most competitive wholesale prices available. The network is a well established 3G/4G Network that your customers will appreciate.

Create a buzz in your community with $ 9.99 plans and $19.99 unlimited talk and texts. This is a great price for teenagers or Grandparents. At this price point you will see an increase in traffic at your store. Your wireless, Your way. Here is how we did it. We started with what is most important with your wireless… a dependable nationwide network. We’re talking about Nationwide Sprint Network, not just local coverage. We listened to our customers…They were tired of being forced to buy large plans of unlimited data to connect there smart phone. We all fell for the “unlimited” supersize plans and we learned more is not always more. So, we offer customizable plans. Now your customers can take control of there phone bill. Supersize there wallet, not there phone bill!

Activate used or New Sprint Devices on Nationwide Sprint Network directly from your business. Deal directly with the country's premier Authorized Provider and get paid promptly and accurately.

If your customer pays their bill online or through another dealer, you will still be compensated for your customer. After you activate your customers phones, it's always your customers, residual from the life of your customers, no matter where customer pays the bill each month.

Receive instant Retailer location approval for this ground-floor opportunity with powerful network with sales materials.

$19.99 Plan | Unlimited Talk and Texts
Caller ID
Call waiting
3-way calling
Directory assistance

$9.99 Plan
Basic Package
$9.99/mo + tax
250 minutes of talk time |Unlimited texts
Caller ID
Call waiting
3-way calling
Directory assistance

Data Options Plans
$5 Some Data
100 MB – 3G/4G Data
5,000 emails/300 with photo attachment
or 600 webpages
or 3004 Facebook posts with photo upload
or 30 app/game/song downloads
or 5 hours of streaming music
or 1 hour of streaming video

$10 More Data
250 MB - 3G/4G Data
13,000 emails/900 with photo attachment
or 1,400 webpages
or 700 Facebook posts with photo upload
or 60 app/game/song downloads
or 10 hours of streaming music
or 1.5 hour of streaming video

$20 Lots of Data
600 MB - 3G/4G Data
26,000 emails/1,800 with photo attachment
or 2,800 webpages
or 1,400 Facebook posts with photo upload
or 120 app/game/song downloads
or 20 hours of streaming music
or 3 hour of streaming video

$30 Unlimited Data
Unlimited emails
Unlimited webpages
Unlimited Facebook posts with photo upload
Unlimited app/game/song downloads
Unlimited hours of streaming music
Unlimited streaming video

Picture mail
- $3 – Send unlimited picture mail. Data must be attached to rate plan.
International calling - $5 Allows you to dial international calling from your prepaid $5 bucket
- UNLIMITED international text
- $0.05/minute calling home/land lines
- $.10/minute calling cell phones

Become an authorized dealer
Join the fastest growing wireless company in the country by becoming an Authorized Dealer. Launched in 2012 by industry veterans who felt wireless customers deserved a better way with customized plans to meet your needs. We are now located in nation-wide & Major cities across the nation with thousands of new customers signing up daily. A solid 4G/3G network that your customers will be very pleased with. We have some of the best compensation plans on the market. The market is tough right now & we want to ensure your success, if you are not successful neither are we.

There is a 1 mile protection from other Dealers in your area, we also give you the ability to make 90% of your profit on the front end. Our phones & plans are easy to sell & are a huge value to your customers. There are no franchise fees & a simple application process to get started. Our Representative would be happy to share more detailed information with you at your convenience. Thank you for your interest in becoming an Authorized Dealer. We take great pride in offering fast & efficient service.

Phone:(877) 947-3577
E-mail: solutions@prepaiddirectwireless.com

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