Thursday, September 10, 2015

Prepaid Direct Wireless Prepaid The Easyway!. Offering Prepaid Cellular, Bill Payment and More!

Merchant Retailers Program
Turnkey solutions for retailers

Activation's & Replenishment
International Mobile Top Up
PIN-less Long Distance
Bill Pay
Gift Cards

Top discounts offered!

Terminal or WEB based platforms
Choose what's best for you - terminal or internet

No lost sales because of out of stock
Never out of a denomination or product especially BOOST MOBILE!

Complete reporting of all sales transactions
By store location, by product, by denomination, by specific clerk ID

All major wireless prepaid prepaid product available
Boost Unlimited Direct Top Up and More!

Boost Mobile, AT&T T-Mobile, Simple Mobile, H20, Lyca Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Page Plus Cellular, Verizon Wireless, Net10, TracFONE, Movida and much more to complete your walk-in store bill payments offerings.

Don't want to be ACHed? Want Cash base POSA? Multiple ways to pay!
Payment portal - We can work with what works best for you, if declined, not approved for credit, you are approved, don't worry, every valid business approved!

We're happy to announce some new features on the Payment Portal, a premium service from Prepaid Direct Wireless!

Payment Portal lets you fund your wallet account online.
No more daily trips to the bank! Run your business, don't let it run you.
Use any debit card* to load your wallet account on any web browser anytime, securely and conveniently.

You can now pay in your wallet account if not approved for credit, with ease by using the drop down menu in our Payment Portal.

The Payment system provide an ideal option for merchant retailers of all types, who customers need to pay bills with cash, or lack reliable transportation to travel a payment center.

The Reason Why Retail Businesses use this POSA Payment System?
Now from a single web based terminal, your business can offer multiple payment services.

This method is superior to merchant having to use "LIVE" card that are expensive to purchase and are plagued by theft.

Now, with web based or terminal payment system, these problems are a thing of the past. Your business will receive complete inventory and marketing materials, at no cost. These inventory have no value unless they are activated at the terminal in your store.

This has several advantages for you and your business.

This is the products for profit for merchant retailers it offers the resources you need to profit from prepaid cellular and bill payments market quickly and economically. Prepaid Direct Wireless has the ability to bring you the greatest products and discounts now and in the future.

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