Monday, April 11, 2011

How Walmart Helps Smaller Retailers too become Need Fillers!

How Walmart Helps Smaller Retailers too become Need Fillers!

Wal-Mart drives bodies to other retailers. Walmart actually brings more customers to local stores:

* Workers, who declined to give their names, agreed the grocery store’s stock of plantains and conchas is not likely to show up at Walmart, giving them the competitive advantage.

* Other retailers near Walmart, including florists, restaurants and nail salons, say the store has brought them new customers.

*An Assistant manager of an bread store., said he has noticed an increased flow of customers toting Walmart bags on the weekends. A lot of people do their shopping over there and then come here to get something to eat, It’s been really helpful for business.

How to win with Walmart is, If you can complimentary things that Walmart doesn’t do, that will really play off Walmart, You probably don’t want to be the guy across the street from Walmart. But you might want to be the guy four or five or more blocks from there.

Bill Payment Services & Cellular Phone Prepaid Services Provider.Retail Licensing Provider of Bill Payment Services & Cellular Phone Prepaid Services Provider Technologies.

Changes in technology can seem to happen at warp speed. As such, it may be difficult for retailers to keep up with the changes or even to choose which ones to embrace. And for older generations, it may seem pointless to even try.

Even if merchant owners don't understand it, merchant retailers owner will have to embrace it or else hesitant store owner are going to get left behind.

If retailers are saying no, retail owners need to find a way to show there staff what the payback will be, that bring added value too business. If merchant retail business owners approach it right, there really won't be that many retail business naysayers in the end when become aware that there are literally millions of US households that do not have a checking account. Millions of these households need your businesses to use this highly needed conveniently way to pay all of their monthly bills!. How many of these customers are yours?

Retail businesses such as Convenience Stores, Banks, Supermarkets, Financial Service Centers, Gas Stations, Casinos, Pawn Shops, Specialty Store, Pack & Mail Store, Check Cashing Locations, Payday Loan Locations, Neighborhood Market, Employee Benefits Packages for your Employees, and Ministries Organization's, with ministries by adding the value, are offering an innovative service for individuals needing assistance with their financial matters, As a walk-in payment agent, ministries will be able to offer one convenient location to pay for those they desire to help.

Walk-in customers pay all of there bills in one convenient location. The expanded retail stores will have bill payments, prepaid cellular recharge top-ups, international money transfer, and prepaid debit card cash loading, all under one roof to provide customers the convenience of one-stop shopping.

No need for loyal customer to run around town wasting precious time and gas, walk-in customer will to your retail business and can pay all bills or recharge cellular phone at the same time. No long lines to stand in so your walk-in customer are in and out.

This service is a great traffic builder, encouraging your customers to come back month after month. Getting customers into your stores to pay all there bills is going to become more and more simple, once customers get used to, and know they can pay all billers their, It will become a habit!. Bill Payment Solutions that shares a common vision with you about how your business can win in your market. This will be exciting of your business becoming need-fillers for your customers, the new emerging innovating Bill Payment Service, Cellular Service Providers concept.

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