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How Merchant Retail Stores with Prepaid Cellular Wireless are Keeping Customers Happy with Prepaid Cellular Phone Wireless Utilizing Payments System

How Merchant Retail Stores with Prepaid Cellular Wireless are Keeping Customers Returning Happy with Prepaid Cellular Phone Wireless Utilizing Payments System to Many Prepaid Cellular Phone Providers

Now merchant retail stores will be able to make payments to Boost Mobile, Cricket Wireless, MetroPCS, AT@T, Verizon, Page Plus, TracPhone, Simple Mobile, Net 10, H2O Wireless, LycaMobile, T-Mobile, plus many more, major or small cellular carriers in your area and international top-ups, for your walk-in customers. Plus, you get the BEST DISCOUNTS IN THE INDUSTRY, Other companies care about their bottom line. We CARE about YOURS.

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Given the intense competition in the wireless industry and scant new growth, loyalty and customer retention are major problems for postpaid and prepaid service providers, both traditional and MVNOs. Keeping your customers happy requires knowledge of your market and staying on top of what the competition is doing. So let’s see what’s happening in prepaid.

A prepaid wireless dealer in Hawaii, pointed out that while mobile phone users become quite attached to their devices, they are not very loyal to their service providers. He thinks that traditional prepaid, which has gone mainstream, is inherently disloyal. About one-quarter of subscribers have signed up for prepaid.

Postpaid month to month plans are looking more and more like prepaid. The edges are blurry between prepaid and postpaid.

Carriers like T-Mobile have contributed to this industry transformation. The company has made a standout name for itself as the “Uncarrier” brand, changing the telecommunications paradigm by giving customers contract-free agreements and paying customers’ early termination fees if they break up with their existing carriers. The company’s CEO, has been hyper-active in creating a social presence to promote T-Mobile’s image.

Every market is different, but prepaid is a fully saturated market, so it's a matter of moving people from one company to another one. It's an overall problem in wireless and the major prepaid carriers are launching price wars.

The marketing strategy is primarily on price but the problem is what’s offered to new customers is not always available to existing customers. Boost Mobile will come up with a great deal for new customers, but they won't give it to existing customers, When old customers aren’t getting the sweet deal, the loyalty approach is at cross purpose.

If a brand wants to build customer loyalty, it should cover everyone when there’s a new deal. The other road to building loyalty is through quality customer service. Some customers are only looking for price, but others want great service, such as excellent coverage, chat support and emails.

Price versus Customer Service

A resident in rural Vermont, was using Republic Wireless, and he admitted the reason was the cheap price. He knew that service, which passes calls from Wi-Fi to cell and back, was variable, sometimes sketchy in his location. Other customers who focus on price are likely to go with a big well-known prepaid wireless company like TracFone. A leader in prepaid, TracFone makes its money on volume, and it doesn’t have to be that concerned about churn rate.

It's estimated that TracFone's churn rate is currently about 2-3 percent a year, which works out to 2-3 million people a year who will at some point be out there looking for new plans.

Quality customer service costs more, but that's what some customers want above all else. Those people might be subscribers of AirVoice (an AT&T MVNO), which has a reputation for high quality customer service, according to experience and many reviewers.

Smaller MVNOs, like Red Pocket and H20, have to compete with good service standards set by more established companies. Independent dealers (mom and pop stores) usually want to build relationships with customers. They achieve this by providing great customer service, generally US based, and sweet deals.

Brand level carriers like Boost, Virgin Mobile, Cricket and TracFone are more like prepaid divisions of the Big 4., they create an “artificial loyalty,” then lock people in and essentially, create a monopoly. Many providers in the prepaid business are against the monopolization of MVNOs.

The big guys get the best spectrum and create their own rules, An example of the monopolization trend is TracFone acquiring Simple Mobile and Page Plus. It is hard for independent prepaid companies to compete, We predicts that in five years, TracFone will monopolize the industry.

Churn is the Prepaid Achilles Tendon

Churn is the frequency in which a prepaid customer decides to leave a service to try a competitor. It is a possible indicator of customer dissatisfaction, cheaper and/or better offers from the competition, more successful sales and/or marketing by the competition, or reasons having to do with the customer life cycle.

With so many offers in prepaid calling, customers are fickle and frequently tempted to switch providers. Customer retention is an ongoing challenge that can be met by using certain features within a platform.

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