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Bill Payment Systems operates one of the largest networks of walk-in bill payment and financial services

Attention, All Retailers!

With tens of thousands retail locations, Bill Payment Systems operates one of the largest networks of walk-in bill payment and financial services checkfree centers in the United States. Each and every day tens of thousands of cash-preferred consumers walk into our payment centers to pay one of the thousands of service providers we connect with or purchase much needed payment products.

If you're running a retail store, Prepaid Direct Wireless provides you with a turn-key solution to offer more products and services to your customers which are guaranteed to increase store traffic, bring you more revenue, and more profit ! Equipped with a range of products and services, Prepaid Wireless Direct enables cash-preferred consumers to pay bills, purchase prepaid wireless and long distance, and other financial products at one convenient location - ensuring that your customers will return to your store again and again.

Prepaid Direct Wireless has established partnerships with thousands of service providers including utilities, phone companies, cable companies and other billers all over the country. We help billers connect to their cash-preferred customers through our network of thousands of retail locations - ensuring an exceptional customer experience, enhancing customer loyalty, and creating efficiencies in the payment process.

Bill Payment

Tens of thousands of people walk into our merchant locations every day to pay bills to utilities, water companies, telphone companies, wireless service providers, cable companies, department stores, banks, credit card companies, and many more. We offer an easy to use platform, outstanding customer service, and a vast distribution network to reach cash-preferred consumers. What's more, through our unique Application Programming Interface (API )connection, our bill payment platform can be integrated with virtually any system streamlining all front-end and back-end processes.

The merchant benefits by offering much needed services to their customers, while at the same time increasing store traffic and revenue.

By partnering with Prepaid Direct Wireless, service providers and billers benefit by giving their customers the opportunity to pay their bills, using cash, at thousands of agent locations, improving customer loyalty and lowering costs.

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