Saturday, May 28, 2005

Bill Payment Services & Cellular Phone Service: U.S. Merchant Retailers Are Making The Move To Direct Prepaid Cellular Services. No Inventory Costs.

U.S. Merchant Retailers Are Making The Move To Direct Prepaid Cellular Services. No Inventory Costs.
Merchant retailers in the United States have been slower to adopt no inventory transactions, also known as PIN activation delivery, than European and other international counterparts. But the value proposition for merchant retailers to implement prepaid cellular direct solutions is very compelling. The general perception within the industry is that most merchant retailers are moving in this direction, and direct prepaid cellular services top-up will soon become the industry standard.
Prepaid cellular services is established as a fast-growing alternative option for consumers today.
By eliminating hard cards and replacing them with direct prepaid cellular programs, gives merchant retailers the ability to curb potential fraud and theft of inventory is reduced substantially if not almost entirely, plus merchant retailers will carry every cellular provider and we mean every provider pin or card without any costs. The SMART Solutions Made For Smart Retail Businesses. The Wave Of The Future.
Ease of use

Prepaid cellular top-up also provides a better overall customer experience, since there is no further requirement for the subscriber. Subscribers now appreciate the ability to put whatever dollar amount they wish onto their prepaid cellular phones, plus totally control costs as they pay as they go, better known as No Contract Wireless.
Best foot forward

Real-time electronic prepaid services will become the new industry standard for merchant retailers.
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Friday, May 20, 2005

Bill Payment Services & Cellular Phone Services Brings Action In The U.S.A

Bill Payment Services & Cellular Phone Services alike want to bring a wide variety of choices to their customers and are demanding the availability of all of the various wireless programs. Merchant retailers want to see more market penetration because of better rate plans being offered through Prepaid Wireless Direct. Retail licensing provider of Bill Payment Services & Cellular Phone Services providers technologies.

With the market demanding a wider choice of products, prepaid distribution companies (especially those using POSA and electronic distribution) are far better positioned to bring on new competitive products and services to merchants retailers. With POSA and electronic distribution, merchants have 24/7 uninterrupted access to a wide variety of prepaid wireless programs. In addition, with POSA, merchant retailers and business owners are not required to invest capital in inventory.

Partnering with Prepaid Direct Wireless bill payment services & prepaid cellular services networks utilizing POSA technology or web based to deliver products to market presents a great advantage for business owners. These retialers can simply add the bill payment services & cellular phones services products to their system, thereby providing their customers with a greater choice of servicesl. Literally overnight an merchant retailers can be selling prepaid wireless cellular phones services & bill payment services to there doors thanks to Bill Payment Services, POSA and electronic PIN distribution technology.

Prepaid wireless & bill payments services will clearly becomes the most dominant sector of the prepaid marketplace. The Wave Of The Future!. The SMART Solutions.

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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Bill Payment Services & Cellular Phone Service Solutions Bring In Customers and Commissions For Merchant Retailer.

Merchants are finding that adding bill payment solutions to their platform is greatly adding to their foot traffic and revenues. Additionally, go-getting retailers are making profits by being in the loop with customers by offing Bill Payment Services & Prepaid Cellular Phone Services. Bill Payments Services & Cellular Phones Services will be the best thing happening for merchant retialers. For More Information:

Monday, May 02, 2005

Bill Payment Services & Cellular Service Providers. Brings Repeat Customers, with Minimal Effort for Merchant Retailers. The Wave Of The Future.

Merchant business owners the fact is plain and simple, that the only way grocery stores, wireless stores, and Gas stations, for that matter, are going to reverse this trend is by being willing to make fundamental change in how they operate, business owners must find creating compelling and innovative experiences that will appeal to their customers and bring them back again and again. The trends won't change all on their own. Retailers looking to compete need to be both aggressive in their vision. Bill Payment Services & Cellular Service Provider is one such service the will bring repeat customers, with minimal effort.
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