Sunday, August 13, 2006

Merchant Retailers Are Understanding WHY the One-Stop-System Works, the Way It Does, and What It Is Going To Be Like In The Future!

Merchant Retailers Are Understanding WHY the One-Stop-System Works, the Way It Does, and What It Is Going To Be Like In The Future!. (All-Bills!) equal-convenience for your customers. (The One-Stop-Shop) in-store electronic bill payment services & prepaid cellular solution for merchant retailers.

Prepaid refers to services paid for in advance. Some examples include gift cards, prepaid debit cards, prepaid cellular usage credit, among other items.

Prepaid services and goods are sometimes targeted to marginal customers by retailers. Prepaid options can have substantial cost reductions over postpaid counterparts because they allow customers to monitor and budget usage in advance.

Unlike postpaid or contract based services, prepaid accounts can be obtained with cash. As a result, they can be established by people who have minimal identification or poor credit ratings, minors, immigrants, students, defaulters, and those on low incomes are typical prepaid customers.

Prepaid technology will allow anyone to buy a fully working, usually requiring a quick and simple activation process, or mobile phone on any supermarket or electronics store. By removing the complications inherent to the contract system, this allowed the mobile communications userbase to grow incredibly fast. In many countries this type of service became the predominant one, shortly after introduction, by providing both consumers and service providers with considerable advantages over the traditional method. In some countries, such as Italy or Mexico, market share of prepaid can be as high as 90%. In other countries, such as Finland or South Korea, the figure drops to about 2%.

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