Thursday, February 17, 2011

Prepaid Celluar Phones to Ramp Up Headcount with Merchant Retailers

Prepaid Celluar Phones to Ramp Up Headcount with Merchant Retailers
If you are store business owner and are ready to take your business income to the next level and beyond you have to learn more about prepaid's newest offering.

Virtual or Point-of-Sale terminals in your retail location, such as grocery store, wireless stores, gas stations/convenience stores, etc. These walk-in solutions allow mrechants to take advantage of the multi-billion dollar pre-paid industry, by offering refilling services to their customers for all unlimited prepaid providers and much more! Usually, it would cost merchant thousands of dollars to stock a store like this, but Wireless Direct has negotiated an arrangement to bring this to you for Free! The merchant doesn't pay anything, until product is sold. There is no risk. Merchant will make on-going commissions each time a customer make a refill purchase. To offer this services, call: (877)-947-3577

Unlimited cellular prepaid carriers are seeing more people go to prepaid than ever before and prepaid cellular is going to continue to grow. IT HAS MORE POTENTIAL FOR COST SAVINGS THAN CONTRACT PHONES.

Only 20 million of the US customers currently use pre-paid service from the 90 million subscribers, prepaid cellular is expected to grow three times to reach 40-50 million by 2015. The sudden change is due to the downturn. The growing prepaid market in the US is a big walk-in traffic growth driver for retail merchants.

Methods are evolving to respond to new technologies, If you would like more information on how prepaid cellular electronic recharge system solutions can help your business corporation sales team with great cost savings results, please call Wireless Direct: 1-877-947-3577

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If you are the business owner and it's there anything you did'nt understand? Please call (877) 947-3577

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