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Prepaid Cellular Phones Processing | Bill Payment Systems | No Contract a Favorite Consumer Choice to Create Repeat Retail Stores Foot Traffic

Merchant Retail Stores Continues to Evolve

Prepaid/No Contract a Favorite Consumer Choice to Create Repeat Retail Stores Foot Traffic

In the days when no contract wireless was still called prepaid, service providers struggled to gain acceptance of their plans and products. Some people referred to the prepaid phone as the “product of thieves.” Gradually, prepaid became exciting – was reinvented as “no contract” and went mainstream as recession-hit consumers became value-conscious.

In previous years, the prepaid/no contract market was mainly geared towards $5 and $10 top up and the under-banked consumer. Today, consumers are savvy and do their research before making decisions.

The stigma of prepaid has long vanished as wireless service competition grows and better handsets offer more coverage and functions. Convenient payment technologies are in demand and expanding as consumers look to top up their wireless accounts beyond just traditional pins and cards.

Mobile technology and handset design are invigorating the market. On top of the list of consumer preferences is data. Subscribers want super fast internet access because they have gotten used to using their mobile phones for watching videos, shopping on the internet, and using apps. This all requires a lot of data bandwidth.

The growth of smartphones can be attributed to lower product pricing on the prepaid/no contract side and more choice. Other innovations include the introduction of handset financing and Bring Your Own Device, as well as a continued drive towards unlocked devices.

In terms of category growth, prepaid/no contract subscribers are 77M today and are expected to reach 93.8M by 2019. No contract service revenue was $25.7B in 2014 and is forecasted to reach $32.9B by 2019.

Courting the Demanding for Repeat Walk-in Foot Traffic for Merchant Retailers

Promotions and deals serve to shake up the prepaid wireless market. At most retail merchant stores, the emphasis is on service and great deals. Prepaid phones is cheaper, but your customers have to get a prepaid phone or switch sim cards.

Customers can have unlimited talk and text on plans valued as low $19 a month.

The Big Four carriers are competing with successful MVNOs, such as Cricket Wireless, Virgin Mobile, and Ultra Mobile, to name a few, by offering prepaid/no contract plans of their own. AT&T has introduced a family-friendly four-user plan that works out to $40 per user per month, with 10GB of data to share between them.

At big box stores, Go Phone plans from AT&T had two choices for $45 and $60, no contract variety. The less expensive plan comes with unlimited talk, text and data, with the first 1.5GB at high speed. The other, more expensive plan, differed in that it came with 4GB at high speed and unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada.

SIM Cards the Identifier

The availability of SIM cards is also driving the mobile market, iPhone owners can use a SIM card to go on a T-Mobile plan. If they want service with AT&T or Verizon, they can go to go to that carrier to buy a SIM card, a portable memory chip in cell phones that operate on other networks.

SIM cards are convenient and popular with many users and are a key part of cell phone technology. They can now also be used in iPads and iPhones. The main benefit of a SIM card is that you can easily swap phones on your own. Travelers going abroad can buy a SIM on a local carrier and use that as a way to avoid expensive roaming fees (carrier restrictions and lockouts may apply).

In Q2 2015, nearly 90 percent of new phones purchased within the prepaid/no contract wireless market were smartphones. With the recent announcement by Apple regarding iPhones and unlocked phones, the direct-to-consumer conversation is being brought to the forefront by the industry and other OEM's.

This will support the growth of the Bring Your Own Device programs, which provides a SIM card and airtime for unlocked devices. The growth of unlocked phones and trade in's will expand as consumers will have more choice for second hand quality devices, Many of these consumers will choose prepaid to activate these devices. Prepaid/no contract is now a consumer choice that offers immense value, quality handsets and greater wireless freedom.

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Think You're Retail Store Cut Out for Doing prepaid wireless for credit challenged?

Why We Love prepaid wireless for credit challenged (And Your Retail Store Front Should, Too!)

With millions Americans living below the poverty line according to the Center for American Progress and American owning over $813 billion in credit card debt, prepaid wireless phone handsets and airtime is the standard of choice for people who need a cellular phone, but are unable to get a payment plan.

Today, there are millions of wireless subscribers in the United States, and that number will continue to increase to record highs over the next few years. Nearly forty percent of those who apply for post paid contracts are denied credit by the major cellular phone carriers. So, Americans are turning to alternative options for their cell phone needs.

The prepaid cellular phone wireless market grows over 600% in the past 8years to 77 million by the end of 2015.

Nearly 80% of mobile users in Europe and Asia already prefer using prepaid over postpaid calling plans, causing many analysts to see prepaid cellular phones as the inevitable future of consumer's cell phone habits.

A monthly bill for something like a cell phone is becoming a severely outdated model, Prepaid is a cost-effective, pay-as-you-go solution that provides a concrete method for buying wireless minutes and using them as needed, without customers being burdened with expensive contracts.

Prepaid wireless operates on per monthly or on per-use basis, without credit checks and long-term contract. Therefore, customers receive more of what they want from a wireless service, such as options that are easier to keep track of and maintain on the road.

Merchant retailers customers can get the same service and kinds of phones form prepaid that they can from post paid contracts, the customer always know how much they are spending for monthly or for cell phone minutes. Pay-as-you-go is the smart option for people on a budget.

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