Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Bill Payment & Prepaid Cellular Services Offers New Revenue Source

Every once in a while a product comes along and revolutionizes the way we do business. Electronic online bill payment Service & cellular phone services is one such product.

No Lease or Lease Company Hassles!

Welcome to the future of Bill Payment & Pre-Paid Services!The Advanced Electronic Bill Payment & P.O.S. Activation System.

Now you can cash in on the Multi-Billion Dollar Walk-In Bill Payments & Pre-Paid Industry.

With your businesses having Bill Payments & Prepaid Cellular Services Direct, your customers will quickly and easily top-up their accounts, from prepaid or, monthly cellular phone service airtime, RECHARGEABLE long distance phone cards, to Customers Paying All Or Any Bill In Your Retail Merchant Locations.

This platform enables a merchant to act as a payment agent, allowing their walk-in customers to pay any or all of their bills at the merchant's locations. Walk-In Bill Payments Service will enhance merchant's ability to increase their walk-in traffic, increase their revenues, and accept payments anytime, anywhere, in any fashion to any biller.

We support many types of transactions from prepaid purchase to bill payment to account inquiry and withdrawing money many and we provide those transactions for many types of devices and systems, including , POS/merchant systems, prepaid mobile phones, debit cards, Internet and telephone banking, and credit card transactions.
The convenience of this electronic transaction is unparalleled.
The prepaid wireless service offers pay-as-you-go options via a point-of-sale terminal at the retailers counter.
This service allows retailers to top-up all types of customers prepaid services and more!, in addition will recharge wireless phones on-line in a matter of seconds, without the risks and issues associated with stocking scratch cards.
This dynamic service was created in response to the growing demand for prepaid services across the U.S.
Prepaid Wireless Direct service providers have the solutions to the problem of prepaid services.
Historically, the delivery of prepaid cellular services has been achieve through physical cards (often called "vouchers"). Retailers of prepaid card services are with high cost inventory, because of multiple face values from multiple providers companies, theft risks, space requirements and inventory management, not any longer with Prepaid Wireless Direct POSA solutions that eliminate retailers risk and distribution cost, plus your location earn more per sale, this is our direct new business solutions to help the retailers of the future.

The concept of contract wireless is foreign to no one. What consumers seem to have forgotten is that they are locked in to one and two year contracts giving them little choice after they accept the terms of such agreements, not such with prepaid cellular. The only difference between prepaid wireless and contract wireless is that your customers are in full control. It is time your customers discover what other subscribers around the world have known for a while: Prepaid Wireless is the best alternative, it is the future of wireless.


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