Monday, May 19, 2014

Attention, All High Traffic Merchant Retailers Locations! - Join Today the Pioneers in Payment Service Bill Payment Providers - High Discounts Cellular Prepaid Provider .

When your walk-in customer need to pay bills, your store can get it done fast. Merchant retailers will make it quick and easy for walk-in customers — and you’ll avoid costly trips for customers.

Many locations provide bill payment services for ANY or All Billers, such as:

•National retailers (e.g., department stores)
•Credit cards
•Auto payments
•Cellular phone service
•Parking tickets
As well as local utilities, including:


Our Nationwide Billers bill payment service Network provides World Class Results.

With our total program management capabilities, we can handle every and ANY biller aspect of your in-store bill payments needs.

Bill payment system offer your business complete control, comprehensive reporting, set your own rates to your walk-in customers, the technology keeps your business in complete control while the system create repeat store foot traffic.

We create a specialized solution tailored to your needs. Managed by our teams of dedicated bill payment service managers, the network payment billers becomes your walk-in customers network to pay ALL and ANY bill.

Our management team is on top of your bill payment program every step of the way. Your retail location serves as your single point of contact for every facet of your project, start to finish.

Merchant retailers and Banks One-Stop Solution for Nationwide ANY billers payment system services, prepaid cellular recharge and more.

Our nationwide payment system and service centers, with principal hubs in strategic high-traffic locations, total available to offer ANY and ALL billers payment capacity approaching to help businesses become the NEED FILLERS for every type of payment the walk-in customers need to pay at your place of business.

Getting customers into your business to pay bills is going to become more and more prevalent. Once your customers get used to paying bills at a particular store, it will become a habit, your store will become NEED FILLERS!

This proven safe and reliable merchant payment solutions will give your business the flexibility to take ANY payments from underbanked customers, by adding additional revenue stream, and with it, new customers and their loyalty as they repeatedly return to your store to pay any and all their bills and top-up prepaid cellular phone and more.

Converting business payments from paper to electronic payments as an area where significant cost reductions could be achieved.

Gain the competitive advantage and keep your retail business moving forward, regardless of the times.

Join Today with the pioneers in Payment service providers. The nation-wide bill payment process is underwritten by FDIC-insured bank and utilizes relationship with ANY commercial billers in ANY industries that have agreed to accept payment electronically from your businesses.

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