Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Reasons Consumers Pay Bills with Merchant Retailer. The Wave Of The Future!.

Consumers say the top reasons they pay bills with electric walk-in bill payment service merchant retailers are:

1) Convenience - Consumers who pay monthly bills at a merchant store, the merchant only need to enter billing information one time. They eliminate the paper, stamps and hassle involved in mailing paper checks.

2) Control - Paying bills in-store ensures they are paid on time, as scheduled, reducing the chances of a missed payment or incurring late fees.

3) Ease of use - Consumers can pay bills when they want, where they want, or on the road.

4) Speed - Eighty percent of electronic bill payments handled are processed by the next business day, making paying bills online faster than sending a paper check.

5) Security - Bill Payment Electric System industry-leading electronic bill payment services are safe and reliable.

6) Help the Environment - By receiving and paying electrically, consumers reduce the demand for paper. An average American household sends or receives 20 bills, statements or checks each month, which adds up to 771,000 tons of paper nationwide. By receiving and paying bills electrically, the U.S. alone could help save 18.5 million trees each year, according to a report by Javelin Strategy & Research.

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