Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Merchant Retailers Benefits Offering Walk-in Bill Payment Services with Reliable and Dependable Provider

Merchant Retailers Benefits Offering Walk-in Bill Payment Services with Reliable and Dependable Provider

Merchant Benefits
No more hassles of your customers buying a money order or cashier's check! No need to search for stamps or a mailbox! No driving around town to various places to pay bills, load your pre-paid debit card, or transfer money! It almost sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Well, it is true! The natinwide internet-based process is underwritten by an FDIC-insured Bank and your business will utilizes relationships with thousands of commercial billers in various industries that have agreed to accept payment from your retail business electronically.

Your walk-in customer can pay all your bills, purchase prepaid airtime, load there prepaid debit card, and transfer money internationally ALL at one location. If your customer need to send a payment, customer can do so all in one stop. If customer happen to be using one of a variety of pre-paid debit cards, you can load it INSTANTLY at our payment locations. Customers pay in cash and receive a confirmation of payment statement to take with them.

If your customers want to pay there bills, make sure the customer bring the bills, they intend to pay, each time they visit your payment location. If your customers want to load cash onto a prepaid debit card, remember to have customer bring it with them as well. It is necessary that your customers have the bills or debit cards with them so that all information for the payment will be correct. The process is easy and can be done right in your retail business payment location.

Once your customer are in the system, each future bill payment, debit card load, or money transfer will be a breeze! The cost per transaction is very reasonable, and who knows, perhaps your walk-in customers will learn to look forward to making your payments or loading debit cards each visit at your retail business.

Feel free to contact us at: (877) 947-3577 Ext: 1 if you have questions about offering bill payment, prepaid airtime purchase, debit card load, or money transfer and more.

Typically, the "un-banked" or "under banked" customer purchases money orders to make payments remitted by mail. Instead of purchasing money orders, with this service your customers can establish an account at your business, which will be an Pay All Bills Location, pay station and return to your location each time a bill is to be paid.

The Walk-In Bill Payment solution is a web-based tool that enables your business to act as a payment station in the Pay All Bills Here network. By providing the service, your business will be able to attract new traffic, provide a valued customer service to your existing client base, and generate transactional revenue.

Being Internet based, payment solution is an easy to use, menu driven application, all that needed is your Internet connection, computer, and printer. You will be able to offer electronic payment capabilities with thousands of participating billers worldwide as well as monitor productivity reports for your various regions and locations.

The bill payment solution is a very stable and dependable platform. The point-and-click functionality makes the bill payment process fast and easy, both for existing and new accounts. Most importantly, the user screens are easy to read and understand making the system user friendly for anyone! Close the Loop for Your Customers! offering bill payment allows you to get started generating revenue and walk-in traffic for your business NOW! If you have a computer with a web browser, Internet access, and a printer, you can take advantage of this fantastic service.

Start generating revenue and offering your customers a service that "closes the loop" on the bill payment process.

To enroll your business and take advantage of our new service, simply call our Service Center and we'll help you begin the process of welcoming repeat customers by becoming an Pay All bills Here payment agent at:. : (877) 947-3577 Ext: 1

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