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Attention, All Cellular Stores, Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores, General Merchandise Stores and More. Bill Payments with Prepaid Cellular Phone System

Intelligent Prepaid Cellular Phones System | Bill Payment Technology Based Services help Cellular Stores, Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores, General Merchandise Stores Streamline Store Operations

Retail Store Benefit Advantages - What technology going to do for, Cellular Stores, Convenience Stores, Grocery Store, General Merchandise Stores, advancing technology is perceived as a necessarily evil, However, technology use can give retailers a distinct advantage, whether it's knowing what products are selling, being able to communicate with the consumers, measuring customer service or delivering on your store promise, technology is key to succeeding in the 21st century. Technology is a tool that encourages customer loyalty and, in turn, helps forge emotional connection with consumers.

Introducing retailers to the future of walk-in payment solutions that bring in repeat store traffic.

Any or All Billers in your store front with the highest pay out to retail stores, now which your business can cash in on the Multi-Billion Dollar Pre-Paid store solutions services.

Now from a your store POSA computer system, a retail merchant, can offer your customers multiple Pre-paid services.

This method is superior to merchant having to use "Live" pre-paid cards that are expensive to purchase and plagued by theft. With the old way, A merchant must make as many as 10 Pre-paid card sales to make-up the the theft of one live card!, But now, wiith P.O.S System, these problems are a thing of the past. Merchant receive an inventory of cards and marketing materials. These cards have no value unless they are activated at the P.O.S terminal

This has several advantages:

Elminates Theft-
The displayed cards have no value.

Reduces Display Space-
There is no need for cards with multiple dollar denominations.

Encourage Repeat Business-
Customers must come back your store to pay bills

Direct relationships with all major wireless networks-
Solid financial track records, excellent management and aggressive gowth strategies.

Offering you exciting opportunity to benefit from millions of advertising dollars spent by all the Major Wireless Carriers and payment billers, and many more by becoming an official payment location for the very profitable, emerging payment solutons market place, all at NO COST to you!

The payment solutons and cellular activation system allow you to stay on the cutting edge of the bill pay - prepaid cellular phone explosion. Offering bill pay, prepaid cellular, in addition to generating additional revenues, will create a loyal customer base that uses your store as a location to RECHARGE prepaid cellular phone and pay all or any household billers. As added benefit, international top-ups, international bill pay, debit cards, $19.99+Tax Month unlimited talk and text with data options. Once they discover the can RE-UP (recharge) in a few seconds in the convenience of your store, you'll have a customer for life. Now your customers can pay ANY Bills, lowest monthly cellular phone bill on the market, while you draw new customer who don't want to travel out of their way just to find a over crowed store.

The advantage are numerous, including no expense to you, no theft issues, no inventory shortages, marketing material, the advantage of brand recognition in identifying your store along with major biller compaines and , of course, increased revenues!

Join the largest movement in the bill pay and telecommunications industry in over a decade and be recognized as an official bill pay prepaid cellular station before your competition does! To apply to increase your store revenues and more repeat store traffic Call: (877)947-3577 or E-mail Today on how to use technology to get the most value for prepaid cellular and bill pay and more.

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