Saturday, October 29, 2005

Bill Payment Services-System-Cellular -The Wave Of The Future For Merchant Retailers. $$$$

Bill Payment transaction growth in the bill payments arena underscore that this dynamic market is primed for continued expansion. New research estimates that bill payment transactions -- will total 1.7 billion items per year and represent 10% of key US bill payments by 2010. Further estimates that bill payment volume in 2005 will total approximately 554 million transactions. Though bill payments initially gained momentum as a collections tool, pay all biller payments by consumers have become the key driver for this market. According to the recent " 2005 Convenience/One-Time Payment Services Survey," 55% of bill payments in the US are currently ascribed to this "convenience or emergency payments" category. Fully 72% of expedited bill payments carry associated fees to the consumer, offsetting service charges incurred by billers and providing another powerful business driver for this market and merchant business owner.

The Reason Merchant Retailers Offer Bill Payment Services - System - Prepaid Wireless -Personal Check Guarantee:

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